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The best tools for the home baker

Did you know that baking can actually be a seriously profitable business? You don’t need a fancy pastry degree or a commercial kitchen either. You can be a simple home baker and make a killing! Of course there are many ways to do this but that’s another article.

Creating amazing baked goods can be more than just a hobby. But not all baked goods are created equally. If you’re a serious home baker or dream of turning your baking skills into a profitable side (or full time) thing, you need the right tools.

So if you want to step up your baking or take your passion for sweets all the way to the bank, let’s talk about the best tools that I think every home baker has got to have.

Also, as you may already know, I actually consider myself a minimalist. Clutter and frivolous junk drives me bonkers. So the stuff I have below isn’t just to convince you to buy it, I genuinely use all of these things almost every day when I bake. I promise this stuff isn’t junk or clutter, but is really REALLY beneficial to your work!

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The Tools of a Bad Ass Home Baker

Oven Thermometer

If you live in an apartment or are just starting out, you probably don’t have a super high end oven. If you do, do you wanna share?!

Unless you have that fancy high end oven, the likelihood of the temperature being or getting off is extremely high. And as bakers, we know that baking is a science. Heat can make or break a recipe. SO! You need to be certain that your oven’s heat is correct or your stuff won’t come out as well.

Silicone Baking Mats

Baking creates a lot of waste. There’s no question about that. However, as responsible home bakers that care about the earth and choose not to be total dicks to Mother Nature, baking mats are a must.

Reuseable, washable, and super helpful for baking (and cooking!) its only a question why we haven’t been using them forever. Plus, they save you a boatload of money. So yeah, $30 for 3 seems steep until you realize that these can last you years and years and disposable things like foil and parchment paper are $3+ a roll and last maybe a couple of months.

Different shaped + sizes pans

It goes without saying that a good baker is able to create variation in their creations. The easiest way to do this is with your pans.

My favorite pans are:
Basic Bundt Pan
Muffin Tin
9×9″ Square Pan
Basic Loaf Pan
Round Cake Pans
Spring Form Pan

Mixing Bowls with lids

Picture this. It’s late. You’ve been working all day and you just want to curl up in a blanket and binge watch your favorite show. Well you can’t! You’ve got to clean up all the ingredients and mess in your kitchen. Plus, you need to figure out a way to keep that dough that’s rising away from your cats overnight.

But then you remember that your mixing bowls all come with lids! Gosh, you’re such a smart cookie. All you’ve got to do now is cover the bowls and pop them in the fridge until tomorrow.

In all seriousness though, I never thought mixing bowls with lids would be such a treasure until I got some from my dad for Christmas.

Glass measuring cups

Having your measuring cups and spoons are very important, but these glass ones are so freaking useful. Why? Because they make liquids easier to pour, bigger measurements are less likely to spill, and THEY’RE SO MUCH EASIER TO POUR FROM.

A good Cooling rack

A good cooling rack is a must. If you get the right kind you only need one or 2 at most. You can use them for cakes, cookies, bread, and pretty much anything else.

When I made my Adoption Day Pupcake, I made the bacon for the cake by baking it on the cooling rack with a cookie sheet underneath. It was perfect to catch the bacon grease and made the bacon perfectly crisp.

So when I say that I use my cooling rack all the time for all the things, I’m not joking.

Stand Mixer or a solid Hand Mixer

Theoretically you can hand mix things but honestly, you’ve got to have the strength of 2 full time lumberjacks to really do it well. It’s super hard to get a nice smooth batter or to cream your butter and sugar by hand. Plus, the time it saves you is honestly worth every single penny.

I personally love, love, LOVE my stand mixer because it allows me to walk away which is amazing when something needs to be whipped for a long time (like frosting or whipped cream). Plus, I can make ice cream with my fancy kitchen aid attachment. Best. Christmas. Present. Ever.

Measuring Cups and Spoons

I feel like this one is a big old DUH but they’re easily forgotten because their such an every day thing.

I love, love, LOVE this set. It comes with 3 different sets which is super useful when you’re spending a full day baking and don’t want to wash everything in between each wash.

Cookie scoops

Cookie scoops aren’t just for cookies my friend. I use them CONSTANTLY. They’re great for filling muffin and cupcake liners, perfect to make smaller balls of ice cream (I have a love of small scoops of ice cream, okay? Don’t knock it until you try it). Cookie scoops also help you create cool effects with batters and such. They make marbled cakes simpler and striped tiger cakes perfect.

Twirly cake stand

More accurately these are called decorating turntables and they are ah-mazing!! It makes icing cakes a breeze and helps you create a seamless design without having to that awkward rotating dance to make sure you get everywhere. (You know the dance, I’m talking about).

Off-set spatula

Speaking of decorating a cake….if you don’t have an off-set spatula, what are you doing with your life?! These had to be created by the baking gods because they help make your cakes smooth, even, and perfectly decorated.

If you want to instantly look more professh as a home baker, get yo’self one of these bad boys.

Ove Gloves

Fun fact for you: I hate oven mitts. I also hate mittens and anything that prevents me from being able to use my fingers individually. And let’s be real, oven mitts are super old school. I mean I’ve burned myself with mitts wayyy too many times.

So instead I only use Ove Gloves. They are amazing. They’re GLOVES which means I can actually use all my fingers and they have anti slip grips – which has saved my ass more than once.

Plus, they’re machine washable and are heat resistant up to 540 degrees Fahrenheit so you have to be very talented to burn yourself. Tbh, I still am that talented.

Egg Separator
tools for the homebaker
Seriously, look how cute this egg separator is!!

Okay this isn’t 100% necessary, BUT I do use it constantly. Because it seems that no matter how good I get at baking I realllllllyyy suck at separating eggs. And this little fish makes it both so much easier and I smile every time I get to use it.

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Final Notes…

You’re a home baker with some serious skills already. These tools will help you take your baked goods to baked greats!

And if you really do want to start turning your baking from an expensive hobby to a full time business, girl, I believe in you! I also have complied a bunch of super useful tools to help you start your food blog and turn that passion into a money maker!

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-xoxo Angel

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