Self-Care Ideas for a Life you can be proud of

Self-care to create a life you love doesn’t have to be hard, complicated, or all that confusing. It is a great method to know where your priorities lie, what you value, and what you truly want to strive for. But, self-care isn’t always about the face masks and bubble baths. Most of the time it is about just making a bunch of small steps in the right direction towards your best life. Not all the steps are the most fun and not all of them are remotely enjoyable, but all of the following self-care ideas create a life your future self is excited to live.

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So let’s begin. Here’s 13+ self-care ideas to create a life you love + that your future self will thank you for!

Self-Care Ideas Your Future Self will be Proud You Did!

Start a savings account

Trust me, you don’t want to be in the situation where your dog gets sick, you have to replace a torn tire, and have rent due all in the same week with no money in the bank. *True story, this has happened to me….thrice. But it will never happen again*. Get yo’ shit together and open a savings account. AND THEN add to that savings consistently. You may not love it now, but I guarantee your future self will be sobbing tears of gratitude when a week becomes hell in a hand basket and there’s some money to fall back on.

Even if you only put $20 in a week when you have unexpected bills, at least you’ll still be able to afford food. Consider setting up and automatic payment to your savings every pay period for a predetermined amount of whatever you can afford. $20 a week adds up to over $1,000 in a year! So every bit counts.

Consider opening a Capital One 360 savings account which yields 1% interest annually which doesn’t seem like much but that’s huge for a regular savings! The national average interest rate as of April 2019 is 0.09% – so yeah, 1% is HUGE!

Start Investing, you smart woman, you

Could this mean that you can’t travel to Europe as quickly as you’d like? Yes. But does this also mean that if invested wisely you could have a trip paid for from your dividends every. single. year? Also, yes. Personally, I’d take the delayed gratification. *this doesn’t mean I don’t travel now, I just don’t justify spending all of my money on spontaneous vacations like I wish I could do*

By investing your money into stocks that yield annual dividends, you are essentially getting cash back on your own money. I personally use the TD Ameritrade platform to do my investments in several different markets; Australia, Canada, and the EU to name a few. I don’t want to work forever so by investing some every month, I’m working towards having that continual passive income for life.

This could be you all the time but you don’t have a savings!
Check your credit score

You may not think that this is important because you have no plans on buying a house in the near or foreseeable future. But knowing your credit score is still important.

Landlords check your credit score when you move in. If it is too low or has delinquent (meaning unpaid, foreclosed, late accounts, etc) accounts on it, they can reject your application – for an apartment – not even a house.

A bad credit score also can make buying a car difficult,higher car insurance rates getting a credit card hard, and certain jobs (especially in the financial world) possibly unattainable.

And even if you’re responsible with your money, sometimes the Credit Bureau makes mistakes. Sometimes identities are stolen without your knowledge. I’ve even had a friend whose questionably irresponsible parents opened accounts under her name and then never paid the bills – ruining her credit score! The average person can have up to 3 incorrect items reporting on their score and you don’t know unless you check.

You get a free credit every year. Check out Experian for your free one today and get yo’ shit together, girl!

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Write out your goals and plan for them

A goal without a plan is just a wish.

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Begin writing out every single one of your goals no matter how big or small they may seem to you. Then make a plan for how you can attain those goals. You don’t want your future self to look back and regret that you never reached those amazing goals because you simply didn’t plan for them. Then once you planned how to reach those said goals, begin working towards them. Because a plan is pointless without action. Creating the life you dream of is in your power to reach, you just need a goal, a plan, and some action.

Go to the doctors

Go to you primary care doctor at least once a year. If you don’t have one, you need to find one. In America, we seem to have this idea that you don’t go to the doctor unless, you’re sick, dying, or already dead. (That’s probably because of the cost of healthcare here but still). Preventative care is wayyyyyy cheaper than an emergency room visit.

We ladies, have a lot of ummm…. parts… that we need to have checked out yearly too. Early detection for problems and general check-up save you a lot of physical, mental, and financial grief in the future.

Spend time cleaning your spaces regularly

A cluttered home is a cluttered mind.


Take care of your environments. Don’t let your dishes always pile up, keep your bathroom mold free, keep your desk somewhat organized. Keeping your environments clean reduces stress, overwhelm, and sometimes in the cases of moldy bathroom, physical illness.

Chaos breeds chaos. And if we’re focusing on self-care ideas, it’s a pretty good idea not to make your life unnecessarily complex. Keep your space tidier and reap the rewards. No more frantically searching for the things you lost in your mess. No stressing about friends/family coming over because your house is messy. A clean home means less time spent cleaning, organizing, and searching. Trust me, I know first hand.

Do your laundry

And on that cleaning note, your near future self will thank you always for this one. You don’t want to be stumbling around on Monday morning unable to find clean underwear. And no one enjoys spending a full Saturday doing all the laundry you’ve put off for a month. You don’t want to be caught with a surprise visit from your parents with your apartment looking like a clothing factory exploded in your house. *not that that’s ever happened to me, obviously*.

You may also find that the more often you wash your blankets, towels, and pillowcases, your skin will be clearer and your home will smell cleaner. Body oils can wreak havoc on your skin and honestly, people stink. That stink gets in your sheets. Wash them.

Start a side hustle

Money is a form of freedom. Having enough of it allows you to travel, enjoy life, quit your job, spoil your loved ones, and one day retire. Sadly though, we are all broke. Wages are stagnating and let’s not even discuss student loan debt.

Starting a side hustle now, even if it brings you in very little to start, can make a world of a difference in your future. Having a little extra cash flow never hurt anyone and who knows, you could accidentally start a million dollar business, stranger things have happened.


Relaxing is not lazy, it is necessary. I’ll say it again, RELAXING IS NOT LAZY. There seems to be a stigma towards relaxing and taking a moment to breathe. We are not machines and we cannot just keep going.

When you relax you lower your stress hormones, allow your body to heal, are able to truly enjoy like, and your able to better see the good all around you. Stress and exhaustion wreck your mental and physical health. They age you, lead often to mental breakdowns (just me?), and physical illnesses that can be prevented by just taking some down time. So take a nap, do nothing one day, enjoy the sunlight, and eat some ice cream. Take some time and chill. Self-care to create a life you love begins when you cut yourself some slack and actually take time to love the life your currently living.

Put on sunscreen and moisturize

Sunscreen + moisturize people!!! Skin cancer, wrinkles, collagen breakdown are real and problematic issues. No one wants to look like they’re 50 when their only in their 30s. Start now (if you have already) and keep your skin nice and protected. You may think a tan looks great now but your future self is gonna be pissed.

Explore more

A heart filled with adventure is a heart that is full.

Also me.

Adventure doesn’t have to be huge but you should always keep your curiosity alive. It’ll keep you more open minded and with an open mind, you have a more open heart. You’ll continue to experience the world through a lens of wonder, beauty, and excitement. And quite honestly, that is something you can appreciate now and in the future.

Get to know yourself

This is one of those things that can easily be multiple self-care ideas wrapped up into one. Getting to know yourself is more difficult than you may think. But start with this. Figure out what you like and what you don’t like. Be realistic with yourself. Be kind to yourself.

Constantly wishing that you were someone else, enjoyed something you don’t love, or forcing an idea of who you should be on yourself, is a GIANT WASTE OF TIME.

If you don’t love wearing dresses, why have a closet full of them? If you hate the gym, why do you force yourself to go there? (PS there are so many other ways to exercise – seriously are you going if you hate it)? Why are you wishing you ate perfectly like those Instagram fitness gurus, when this world has delicious things like cake in it?

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Figuring out what you enjoy and eliminating the expectations of what you SHOULD enjoy is both freeing and so beneficial for you. You are you and that is a beautiful thing to be.

Continue growing

If you want to live your best life, you’ve got to know that your life will constantly be changing. If you don’t continue growing as a person, as a friend, in your career, in the world, you’re going to stagnate. People who stagnate often get bitter, cranky, and cynical of the world. Never stop expanding your horizons and avoid becoming that old woman yelling at children from their yard.

Know how to cook at least 3 basic meals

Cooking is a vital skill. It isn’t really one of the fun self-care ideas, it is more a necessity to existing idea. If you don’t eat, well, you die. And we all know the benefits of cooking at home. It’s healthier, cheaper, and you don’t even have to wear pants. All of those are winning reasons to learn to cook. Even if you hate cooking, knowing how to cook at least 3 basic (and healthy) meals you’ll save yourself when you’re in a pinch.

Shockingly, with all the cooking and baking I do now, I used to hate cooking. So the first 3 recipes I learned to make were pretty simple. They were grilled chicken and rice, homemade (healthy-ish) spaghetti sauce and pasta, and a variety of chicken wraps (meaning whatever I had in the pantry plus chicken wrapped inside a tortilla). I didn’t starve and I didn’t blow *all* of my money on eating out.

Self-Care Ideas for a Life you can be proud of
Final thoughts…

As a person you will constantly be evolving, it’s what we humans do. Creating a beautiful life is done day by day and it truly does take effort and a whole lot of self-care. Using self-care to create a life you love is one of the most powerful ways to guarantee your future will be brighter than it already is. Even though self-care isn’t always fun, pretty, or Instagram worthy, it is something that helps fulfill all of your needs and wants. These self-care ideas may not be as fun or cutesy as we’d all like but sometimes the best ideas are the simplest. Make your future self proud and take some of these steps today so that you can continue to become the bad ass you were born to be.

Did I forget something? Let me know in the comments below your own ideas for self-care to create a life you love!

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