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Roses are Red…Love Card




Roses are red Love card

“ Roses are red, violets are blue, something, something, something” “…nice butt.”

If you’re bad at romance but your SO still wants you to try get them this nice card with a heartfelt poem. Perfect for anniversaries, Valentine’s day, or if you’re just trying to get them in the “mood” if you know what we’re sayin’.


Card Size: 5”w 7”h
Printed on matte 14pt quality cardstock
100% plant-based eco-friendly ink
Comes with a white A7 Envelope
Wrapped in protective sustainable materials to ensure safe, clean delivery
100% compostable material
Delivered in a Stay Flat mailed shipped via the USPS


INTERNATIONAL customers will be responsible for any duties, taxes, or other fees incurred on international packages


20% of all profits will be donated to Plant A Billion ( ) to continue to create a more sustainable paper industry.

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Instagram: @thefulfillmentpill


OFFENSE DISCLAIMER: Please note that we are not responsible for any negative emotions that occur from GreyScale Greetings’ Cards. Our material may be seen as offensive to those who have no sense of humor, no love for sarcasm, or are dead inside. Please use your best judgement if the recipient will find offense in these cards or not. We cannot be held liable for your misjudgements, any ruined relationships, friendships, or severe criticisms from others to you. We design these cards to be funny with a touch of dark humor…don’t ruin the fun by sending it to someone who can’t have fun.

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