Mini Stress Relief Gift Basket

Stress happens. It can happen to everyone and anyone around us. I have seen people suffering from stress and not saying anything to anyone about it. Instead, they gather things inside, and stress leads to depression and chronic anxiety disorders. People don’t take out time to de-stress and vent out with someone. They don’t follow their hobbies, meet new people, and give up on the extra-curricular activities in their life.

You may notice that someone with stress will come to work, meet their friends and families, go out, have fun but still be sad in their hearts. Well, this is how stress works. If someone opens their heart with you or you notice someone under stress, you have to make sure that you are there for them. You have to lend them your ear and shoulder. Ensure that you never ignore them. Being a chef, and a lively and talkative person, I am literally everyone’s favorite at my workplace and in my circle. I normally get to hear that someone is not feeling well due to tensions at home, someone was expecting a raise but was denied, and someone had a fight with their spouse or with their parents/kids. During such times, I try to be there for them and do something extra which doesn’t cost me much.

I make a mini stress relief gift basket for them and leave it on their work table or send it by post to their home. If the person under stress is a friend, I mention my name; otherwise, I just write “from someone who cares and is there for you.” I have noticed people show up with a better vibe, more energy, positivity, a relaxed face, and a loving attitude towards everyone. Your small efforts can change a lot for people. Today I will be discussing my favorite way of making a mini stress relief gift basket and what goes into it. I have ensured that the cost of this basket won’t exceed 25-30 dollars, and it stays light in your pocket.

Mini Stress Relief Gift Basket

There are tons of ideas for making a stress relief gift basket. I have tried to keep the cost of this basket under 25$ dollars to be light in your pocket. You can include the following items in your bucket.

painted coffee mugs

A Colorful and Attractive Mug: When you want to be on budget and gift someone something that will uplift their mood instantly when they look at it, a mug is an excellent option. Mugs come at different prices. I have personally used this mug, and I always prefer it whenever I am preparing a basket under $25. The yellow color gives a bright outlook and will please the individual looking at it (unless they hate yellow!). It will cost you around 13 dollars.

soothing and calming tea recipe

Calming Tea: Drinking calming tea will instantly relax your mind and bring you to peace. It will promote relaxation and ease the mind. Someone in stress needs a cup of calming tea. Every ingredient in this tea is USDA certified. So, gift it without any worries. It will take the total cost of your basket at $18.

bath accessories

Bath Bombs: If you buy bath bombs online, it will cost you around 19 dollars and go out of budget. The best way to deal with this problem is to visit your local grocery store and buy a bath bomb pack from a generic brand. It will cost you around $2, and you will be left with 5 dollars.

Quick cookies

Chocolates/Cookies: Make use of some chocolates and cookies in your home. You can place one bar or one cookie pack, and it will look lovely. It will add another $2 to the total cost.

Hand Written Note: A handwritten note is beautiful and way more loved than a store-bought card. We suggest you take out a nice piece of paper, decorate with some flowers and stars and write something for the person in trouble. Write something beautiful about their personality or a general quote, telling them that they matter and that they mean a lot to you.

Soothing candles

Scented Candles: You are now left with 3 dollars. You can use them to buy scented candles and pack them along.

Wrapping up the Basket

The last part is wrapping up the basket. If you don’t have a wrapping sheet at your home, buy a colorful one to cheer up the stressed person. Please don’t go for sober and plain wrapping sheets as they don’t look attractive. Your goal here is to cheer them up.

Some other things that can be included in the basket

You can also go with things like:

  • Shampoo and conditioners
  • Music CDs with relaxing music
  • Slipper socks
  • Bathrobes
  • Reading material
  • Bottle of wine
  • Wine glasses
  • Tea/hot chocolate
  • Scented oils

Final Words

A small effort from you can change the way people look at life. So, be generous and be careful here. If you do good, it will come back to you in unexpected ways.


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