10 of the best blogs for learning to love yourself again

Life gets hard. We know this. Learning to love yourself again after a rough patch can feel impossible. At some point you’ll probably hit rock bottom. We all do. But eventually you’ll feel strong enough again to start building a new foundation. And before you know it, you’re life will blossom into something more beautiful than you could’ve ever imagined.

Just picture those low point as places to start over and begin again.

I have hopefully hit my lowest bottom already. And when I was finally ready to start rebuilding my life, I was overwhelmed and unsure where or how to begin. Luckily, there’s the internet. And on the internet there are some wonderful blogs run by some wonderful ladies who just get it. These are the blogs that help me rebuild my life’s foundation and are continually helping shape my life into the best version it could be. I thought that they would be able to inspire and help you as well.

After all, healing can’t happen alone. We need friends, support, and love to grow and change, and these women deliver those needs.

learning to love yourself again
See, wow, look at that. Women supporting women through a field of sunshine. Amazing.

10+ of the Best Blogs for Learning How to Love Yourself Again

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1. Tiny Ramblings

Tiny Ramblings is so much more than random ramblings. It is an online magazine that focuses on intentional living, goal setting, and overall well being. They take the balanced love approach – kind and compassionate, but they also remind you of your power to take control of your life. Quite honestly, when drowning a self-pity party, Tiny Ramblings is my go-to blog.

They give actionable steps, fill you up with empowerment, and help you get back on track with your goals.


2. Hey Madelyne

Melissa (aka Madelyne) at heymadelyne.com is just awesome. She is a self-care coach who truly helps women understand the balance between what you think you want and need vs what your body needs.

Though she lives with chronic illness, Madelyne refuses to let it hold her back and is a constant inspiration. She has worked hard to learn to listen to her body to ensure that she can feel her best. If you struggle at making you a priority, you definitely want to check out Hey Madelyne.


3. Afam Uche

I love, love, love Afam’s blog! Even though she’s only turned 20, she is here for all of us with amazing wisdom, beautiful poetry, and hope for a brighter future.

Besides being authentic and inspiring, Afam is practical and gives you legitimate actionable steps. She lays everything out for you so that you can cut through the bs, figure yourself out and begin to create a life you truly cherish every single day.


4. Simple and Season

I only discovered Simple + Season recently and now I’m not sure what I would do without it. As the name suggests, Kayte discusses making life simpler.

We constantly seem to over complicate things but simple, intentional living changes that. Kayte is amazing at simplifying the whole “what is my life purpose” thing – at least she was for me. She actually was part of the inspiration to continue down a career path that makes a million times happier than anything else – even if if is hard and some days I want to quit.

Simple + Season helps you cut through the complexity and truly encourage you to “go for it”. After all, she reminds us that the best plans are often the most simple plans.


5. Quirk Heavy

Quirk Heavy is an awesome blog if you struggle at life (which, let’s be honest, we all do). Krati focuses on helping you be productive, rather than busy, even when you struggle with anxiety. Anxiety is a tricky monster that if allowed, will completely inhibit your efforts while learning to love yourself again. Krati helps you overcome that so that you can keep moving forward.

She is insightful and often times surprising with her methodology. But in all honesty, her wisdom works like magic. Even with stress and anxiety, Quirk Heavy teaches you to be happy in spite of it all and manage your anxiety healthily. Quirk Heavy inspires you to live a fully authentic, productive, and #bossbabe life even with the pesky set backs that may come your way.


6. Adjusting to Adulthood

As the name may suggest, Adjusting to Adulthood helps you, you know adjust to adulthood. Kendra gets it. She knows that some of the hardest parts of adulting is constantly doubting yourself and your potential.

Basically, A2A helps you figure out this beautiful mess we call life with Kendra’s sweet and bubbly personality leaving you with the desire to smile and to give yourself more credit.


7. Living Like Leila

Learning to get out of your own way is so hard! For every reason we have to do something great, we come up with 2 excuses why we can’t. Well Leila says, no more! She is ah-mazing! She helps women, like you and me, get out of our own ways and finally live up to our full potential.

What I love about Living Like Leila is that she doesn’t focus on a single aspect of life. She approaches life as it should be, as a whole. Let’s be real, many of our lives are a whole ass mess, so fixing solely one area doesn’t do much for us in the long run. We need that balance and Leila delivers that to us.

She talks about getting your money situation in order, taking care of your physical health, AND helps you continue on your personal development journey.


8. Lovely Refinement

Lovely Refinement is, well, lovely. Samantha helps us chill out by not stressing about the future or constantly reliving the past. It’s all about embracing the current moment and improving ourselves in the here and now rather than beating ourselves up for mistakes of the past.

She has worked hard to overcome her social anxiety and is there to help you do that too and refine your life until it is the masterpiece you dream of. Lovely Refinement just makes you feels good when you read it. It’s relatable and enjoyable to read. If you’re constantly feeling stuck, paralyzed by anxiety, or just unsure of what step to take next, Lovely Refinement is the blog for you to check out!


9. Elle is for Love

I love Elle is for Love! Seppy is the sweetest woman but she’s not afraid to deliver a swift kick in the booty when you need to get it together. Elle is for Love helps you actually take action on your big dreams that you’ve probably been “planning on getting to”.

Seppy is all about living each day to the fullest and is always there for you with some wisdom and motivation.


10. Stress Well

Stress happens. It’s actually quite useful at times. That sense of urgency helps you get shit done. Liz at Stress Well gets it. She knows that we can’t always run from stress so we might as well learn how to manage it when it comes.

You see, Liz shows us that stress can be a very powerful tool if managed correctly. It can be used to enhance your life rather than ruin it. Crazy, right?! I love Stress Well because it gives a new perspective on stress. It is empowering to take back the control on your stress and always surprising realizing that we had the tools to do it the whole time. Of course, Liz provides some awesome tools too and teaches how to get that empowered feeling too!


11. Bonus! The Fulfillment Pill

I guess you can’t really have your own blog about learning to love yourself and not include it on this list.

The Fulfillment Pill is designed to help other 20 something women get their sh*t together. It focuses heavily on foundational self-care and creating a mindful life that you’ll actually enjoy living. I believe that the only thing we’re in control of in life is how we choose to respond to it, so I empower other women to take their lives by the reigns and start choosing better things – at least that’s what I hope to do.

Ps don’t know what foundational self-care is? Check out this post for an overview!


learning to love yourself

Final Thoughts…

The thing I love about all of these blogs is their dedication to help other women succeed. Life is messy. And instead of tearing each other down, as is the stereotype of women, we all seem to work tirelessly to build each other up.

Each one of these ladies inspires us to get our lives together, be better than we were yesterday, and support you while you’re learning to love yourself again.

Look, we’ve all been at that point where we are just so sick of where things are at in our lives. We itch for something more but aren’t sure how to get it. The first step is getting your shit together, girl. Lucky for you, besides alllll of these awesome ladies’ blogs that help, I also have a super shweet resource page full of things to help get it together too. You want it? I’ll send it to your right now, for free!

Enter your email below and let’s get this whole GYST party going! See you soon, friends!

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