How to Use and Clean a Slushie Machine?

Slushy machines are a great way to keep things cool and refreshing during the hot summer months. They help you create an icy, refreshing drink that is perfect for any occasion. To learn how to use one, read this article.

A slushy machine is used in restaurants and cafes to make drinks like ice tea or lemonade by combining water with sugar and flavorings such as lime juice or fruit syrups. It can also be combined with soft drinks like cola or ginger ale for flavors like cherry coke or root beer float.  Slushies are created when liquid passes through the machine’s freezing unit, freezing it into solid form while mixing it with flavoring agents.

How to Use a Home Slushy Machine?

How to Use a Home Slushy Machine

A slushy machine is one of many options for frozen treat makers. It functions similar to an ice cream maker by making soft-serve desserts. However, unlike an actual ice cream maker, slushy machines are typically used for slushies, an icy cold drink. This machine works by taking water and other ingredients, such as fruit juice or syrup, and then using paddles or blades to mix ice with the liquid until it becomes a soft frozen treat. The number of treats that can be made at one time depends on the size of the slushy machine.

Making slush in a slushy machine is not really complicated, and it only takes about 15 minutes from start to finish.

First Step: Get the slushy machine out of storage

First, you need to prepare your slushy machine to make slushies for you. For this, attach the mixing bowl or container to the base of your machine. If the machine has a metal canister, place it over the base and then place the cover over the canister and make sure it is properly locked. Next, attach the drip tray and check if it is aligned with the spout of the container.

After assembling your machine, plug it in.

Second Step: Pick your flavor

Now it’s time to choose your slushy flavor. You can do this by adding in fruit or juice concentrates. Some slushy machines come with pre-programmed slushy settings for several flavors. Still, you can make your own slushy flavor by following the recipe on an individual fruit or juice concentrate package.

Third Step: Add ice, salt, and cold water  

Once you’ve chosen and made your flavored mixture, add ice and salt into the machine using the ice inlet cap. Fill the container or canister less than the halfway mark with ice cubes. You can also use crushed ice, but the quantity must be less. Add about an inch or one layer of crushed ice to the slushy machine.

To add water into the machine, first, add water into the measuring cup to meet the required amount and then pour it into the machine.

Fourth Step: Add the syrup

After adding ice and salt, add the syrup which you made earlier by following the recipe. Turn on the machine. Make sure to lock in the lid and let it mix for a few minutes.

Fifth Step: Add more ice, salt, and slushy flavor

After one cycle, shut off the slushy machine and refill it with crushed ice and salt. Next, add slushy flavor to taste and mix for another cycle.

Sixth Step: Get out the straws and enjoy

When the slushy reaches the desired consistency, pour it into a cup and enjoy it with a straw. To dispense the slush, turn the dispensing handle clockwise.

Seventh Step: Turn off the machine

Once you have finished slushing your slushies, turn the machine off. Detach the parts, clean them, and store the machine to use it next time.

How to Use a Commercial Slushy Machine

How to Use a Commercial Slushy Machine

There is a difference between using a home slush machine and a commercial slush machine. Commercial slush machines are bigger units; thus, they serve more people at a time.

These machines operate at an idle temperature of -3 degrees Centigrade.

Making slushies using a commercial-grade machine is easy. Follow the below-mentioned steps to make tasty slushies for your customers.

First Step: Select a flavor

First of all, choose any flavor of your choice.

Second Step: Make a diluted solution

Take 1 kg of slush mix and 4 liters of water and dilute the slush mix into the water.

If your machine has more than one bowl or chamber, you can select another slush mix of a different flavor and add it to 4 liters of water to get a second diluted solution.

Third Step: Add mixture to the machine

Open the lid of the bowl and pour the mixture into the bowl. Next, turn on the machine by pushing the main switch.

Fourth Step: Turn on the machine

Activate the mixer by pushing the button. The tub of your machine will start mixing. The cooling system will cool the mixture, and after about one hour, the mixture will turn into slush.

Fifth Step: Dispense the slush 

Turn on the dispensing tap to pour slush into the cup.

Different commercial slush machines have different sets of buttons. The number of buttons depends on the number of mixing chambers. It is common to have commercial slush machines with more than one mixing chamber to create slushies of different flavors at a time.

Many machines have a main switch, a chilling unit switch, and separate switches for auger in each chamber. Various units allow you to set a different temperature for each chamber. Some slush machines have a main switch and three different switches for each mixing chamber: mixing auger, freeze, and refrigerate.  Moreover, some machines only have the main switch and the mixer buttons. The main switch turns on the freezing mode, whereas mixer buttons turn on the mixers.

Tips for Properly Using a Slush Machine

If you want your slushes to be in the best condition when they’re served – whether in your home or at your business – check out some slush machine tips below.

  1. It is best to use clean, cold water when making slushes. Hot water will make the slush melt faster, which means you’ll have to wait more for your slush to be produced, which is not ideal.
  2. Make one slush at a time to get slushes that have a uniform texture and taste.
  3. Home-type slush machines must always be on a leveled surface. A home slush machine that is not on a flat surface will shake as the blade spins. This will affect the end result, and you will not be able to get perfect slushies.
  4. Don’t let home-grade slush machines run for too long. Home slush machines are not meant to run for more than four minutes at a time. Otherwise, the motor of the machine will overheat and break.
  5. Ensure that the commercial-grade slushie machines are always leveled as well. A commercial-grade slush machine should never be put on a table or surface that cannot handle its weight because it could tip over and break.
  6. Make sure that the commercial-grade machine’s drip tray is properly in place. When working, water will drip from the machine. If this tray isn’t in place, it will damage any surfaces underneath the machine.
  7. Don’t overfill the slush machine bowl with water when preparing your slushes. This will make it much harder for the slush powder to mix in, resulting in slushes that aren’t as good as slushes mixed with the appropriate amount of water.
  8. With these commercial machines, you can dispense multiple products with different settings. It is important to know what these settings mean and how they affect the product you are dispensing.

Maintaining a Slushy Machine

The slushy machine is designed to make slushies, but like anything else, it needs proper care and maintenance. If you want your slushy machine to last longer, then you need to take good care of it.

How to clean a home slush machine

Check the instruction manual

First of all, it is suggested to go through the instruction manual to find out how to clean your slush machine.

Drain the remaining slush

If there is some remaining slush inside the container or canister, drain it properly.

Take out all parts of the machine

Remove all parts of your slushy machine and wash them properly with a mild detergent and lukewarm water. The base has a motor so never try to clean it with water. Only use a damp cloth to clean the dirt and spills.

Sanitize the machine

After washing all parts of your slushy machine, you need to sanitize them. Put the solution in all parts of your machine and let it sit for five minutes. Then, wash thoroughly with clean water and let dry before storing the equipment.

A slushy machine can provide slushies for years, but only if you take good care of it. Make sure to clean and dry your slushy machine before storing it so that it will be ready for use at any time. Sanitizing the slushy machine will also allow you to serve slushes free from bacteria.

How to clean a commercial slush machine

Commercial slush machines need both quick and deep cleaning. So, first, start with quick cleaning.

Quick Cleaning

Drain the remaining slush

Make sure to remove every drop of slush from the chamber.

Add water and dishwashing liquid

Remove the top hood or lid of the bowl and add lukewarm water into the bowl. Fill it to the top and add some detergent or dishwashing liquid. Next, turn on the machine so that the mixing chamber can start its operation. Make sure not to turn on the chilling unit. After a few minutes, you will notice a change in color that indicates the sugar is dissolved into the water.

Dispense the soapy water

Open the dispensing tap to remove all the soapy water from the tank.

Fill the water into the chamber again and turn on the machine for another minute or so. Make sure the chamber is free from every bit of detergent.  Next, dry the chamber using a clean piece of cloth.

Deep Cleaning

Remove the chamber/tank

To deep clean your slush machine, first of all, remove the chamber. Lift it slightly up and pull it to detach it from the base that has the refrigeration system.

Detach the dispensing tap

Remove the screw from the dispensing tap. Make sure to hold the bottom of the plunger while removing the screw because it is loaded with spring. Remove the plunger carefully, then the cover and the spring.

Remove the stirrer/agitator

After disassembling the dispensing tap, take out the auger or stirrer, back rubber seal, and the spacer.

Now, you have detached all the moving parts.

Lubricate the parts

Apply grease on the rubber seal, auger, and the tap assembly.

Wash the other parts with water and dishwashing powder

Wash the chamber and its top hood, mixing blade, and the other parts like the drip tray with dishwashing powder and lukewarm water. Also, it is suggested to sanitize them to prevent the growth of bacteria.

Reassemble the machine

Place back all the parts of your slush machine.    

How often should you clean a slushy machine?

Sugar-based slushies mixed with water

You should clean your slushy machine every two weeks if you only make sugar-based slushies mixed with water.

Fruit juice-based slushies mixed with water

Try to clean your slushy machine every week if it makes fruit juice-based slushies.

Dairy product based slushies

For dairy product-based slushies, you must clean your slush machine every two to three days.

Final Thoughts

If you are searching for a healthy, refreshing drink to beat the heat this summer, take advantage of these tips and tricks on how to use slushy machines. Using a slushy machine is easy, but adding the correct amount of ingredients to make a mixture is the most important thing. Also, maintaining the machine is essential because it will prolong the life of your machine, and you will be able to make slushies for years without any problem.


How do slushy machines keep the drink in slushy form?

The slush machine is like an engine that doesn’t stop. As it’s continuously rotating, the molecules of sugar and water combine together before freezing can take place – leaving you with perfect iced treats all day long.

What is the cost of a slushy machine?

Home slushie machines are usually between $150-$250 plus shipping costs, which range from $25-$30 if you buy two or more at a time. Commercial-grade slushy machines start at around $1,000 for small ones designed to serve about 50 people, but they can go as high as thousands of dollars for large-scale catering jobs. These are typically provided on a rental basis with options to purchase the machine outright after the term expires or lease it with an option to buy or rent monthly.

How much power a slushy machine consumes?

The amount of power consumption depends on the size and type of the machine. Commercial machines are more power-consuming as compared to home-grade slush machines. Also, single bowl slush machines consume less power than dual and triple bowl machines.

Home grade slush machines consume around 0.3-kilowatt hour to 0.6-kilowatt hour of power or more. In contrast, the power consumption of commercial-grade machines ranges from 0.8-kilowatt hour to 2.5-kilowatt hour or more.

What are the different components of a commercial slushy machine?

The following are the main components of a commercial slushy machine.

  1. Base: It has the compressor and condenser of the machine.
  2. Drip tray: It catches the spills to keep the surroundings clean.
  3. Cooling cylinder: The horizontal freezing cylinder cools the slush tank and the mixture evenly to form a smooth slush mixture.
  4. Dispensing handle: Either pull or push the handle to dispense slush from the chamber.
  5. Stirrers/agitators: Some slush machines only have horizontal agitators, whereas some feature both horizontal and vertical ones. They are used to mix the slush and are attached to the central cooling cylinder.
  6. Tank/Bowl/Chamber: It is the place where the slush is formed. It contains a central freezing cylinder and auger. Also, it is equipped with a handle and a dispenser tap.

Do slush machines make noise?

Yes! Slush machines do make noise but not that much to disturb you and your customers. Most of the machines operate at 70 dBA, and it is not the higher decibels.

Can you fill soda in a slushy machine?

Yes, there is no problem in doing that. If you want to make slushies from soft drinks, you can do it without any problem. But always avoid adding alcohol.


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