How to Use a 3 Tier Steamer Pot?

If you want to cook healthy food full of flavor and nutrients, then steaming is the way to go. Steaming uses no oil, and it locks in moisture, so your food stays juicy. Also, it secures minerals and vitamins well.

If you are looking to cook healthy meals or steam vegetables for your family, a 3 tier steamer pot is a perfect choice. These pots make cooking food for large gatherings quick and easy. This article will explain how to use a 3 tier steamer pot so that you can get started cooking right away.

What is a 3 tier steamer pot?

What is a 3 tier steamer pot

A 3 tier steamer pot is a cooking tool that resembles a cake stand. It is a handy cookware that allows you to cook multiple dishes at one time. Most 3 layer steamer pots are made from stainless steel. Hard-anodized aluminum is another material for steamer pots, but it is not quite common.

These types of steamers contain three levels of stacked pots so that food doesn’t have to touch the water, allowing for more flavors and nutrients to be added.

The three separate compartments include a bottom base (first layer), a middle shelf (second layer), and a top compartment (third layer). The first layer is a stockpot or saucepan.

At the top, there is a lid that prevents the steam generating from the bottom part from escaping from the top tier.

Some 3 layer steamer pots come with two steaming grids that separate the chambers from one another and make the steamer a 3 tier. On the other hand, the top two compartments of some of these pots have built-in bases with holes. There are no separate steaming trays.

These steaming trays either have the same-sized holes, or one has smaller holes to support dishes like rice, and one has the regular-sized holes to support other dishes.

How to use a 3 tier steamer pot

A 3 tier steamer pot is easy to use and can provide a convenient way to cook several different types of foods together. Since different foods cook at different rates, it is important to know how to use the pot effectively.

3 layer steamers are multi-functional. It is up to you to either simply use only the bottom tier and put a lid on it and cook a particular food item or use different levels at once to steam various parts of your meal simultaneously.

Here is a step-by-step tutorial on how to properly use this type of pot:

1. Fill the bottom of the pot with water and place it on the stove. Turn the heat to high and wait for the water to boil.

2. While waiting for the water in the bottom of the pot to boil, you’ll have time to prepare the ingredients that will go into each tier of your steamer pot. You can also add seasoning or aromatics at this point in preparation for steaming.

3. Once the water in the stockpot has boiled, place the two chambers over it loaded with your ingredients. Make sure you are doing it carefully and never try to overcrowd the layers, or else the food will not cook evenly. The steam made in the bottom part will reach up through the holes and cook whatever you have on the two top layers. You can also add the main portion of your meal to the bottom stockpot.

4. Place the lid on top of the steamer pot and wait until your food is cooked. Keep in mind that different types of food require varying cooking times. For example, fish requires less time to cook than chicken or beef.

5. After the required amount of time has passed, remove the lid from the top tier. Be careful when doing this, as steam may cause injury if you are too close to the pot.

6. Next, remove each tier from the base pot using handles and use a utensil to remove food from each layer.

7. After all food has been removed from the tiers, you can now serve it as desired and enjoy it.

You can have your main dish cooking at the bottom, a fish or poultry on the middle tier, and a dessert or delicate item cooking on top.

Benefits of using a 3 tier steamer pot

Benefits of using a 3 tier steamer potThe following are the benefits of using 3 tier steamer pots:

  • 3 tier steamer pots are very space saving. They can be stored easily without taking much space. Since they stack on top of one another, so they are the perfect choice for small kitchens.
  • People like them because they are affordable.
  • 360 degrees heat circulation means even heat distribution.
  • The advantage of using a multi-tier pot instead of the traditional saucepan is that it allows different foods to be steamed in several layers at once. This helps you save time. Also, it prevents flavors from mingling.
  • In addition to separating different types of food from each other, a 3 tier steamer pot can also keep certain foods warm while allowing other dishes to cool down after cooking.
  • They are not only used to steam cook your veggies. They are versatile and steam a lot of things, including rice, pasta, dumplings, seafood, poultry, baby food, and more.
  • They not only save hob space but also cut electric and gas costs.
  • Time management is the key in cooking, and these 3 tier steamer pots help you manage timings easily. You can cook your entire meal perfectly by adding different tiers of the steamer at different time intervals.
  • These pots can be used in restaurants as well as homes, making them very versatile.


What can you steam on the bottom layer of a 3 tier steamer pot? 

On the bottom level, cook the major portion of the meal. This may include meat, potatoes, pasta, rice, stews, or soup.

The stockpot (bottom layer) can be used for foods requiring a longer cooking time.

Some vegetables also have a longer cooking time, like artichokes, cabbage, carrots, and more.

What can you steam on a middle layer?   

You can cook foods that have a medium to long cooking time on the middle layer of a 3-tier steamer pot.

This middle layer is best suited for seafood like fish, oysters, and prawns. You can also have chicken boneless breasts and franks on the second tier.  Moreover, you can add vegetables that have a moderate cooking time.

What can you steam on a top tier?

The items that need less steam and can be cooked in a short time are suitable to place on the top tier. Vegetables like Chinese leaves, mange tout, and mushrooms; seafood like thin fillets and scallops; and other delicate items are perfect for the first tier.

What size of the 3 tier steamer pot would be suitable for me?

When it comes to 3 layer steamer pots, size does matter. This is because you want to make sure that the pot is big enough to accommodate all of your food. If the pot is too small, you will not be able to cook everything you want at once. Conversely, if the pot is too big, it will take up too much space on your stovetop. 

The size of the pot you choose will also depend on how many people you are cooking for. If you always need to cook for a few people, a smaller pot would be ideal. If you have a big family, you will need a bigger pot.  3 tier steamer pots come in different sizes, so it is important to find one that fits your needs. Do some research on the internet and see what other consumers have to say before making your purchase. This will help you make sure you are getting the best deal.

The least size you can go for is 16cm, and the maximum size of these pots suitable for home use is 40 cm. This large size steamer pot can cook for 9 to 10 people.

Which stovetops do they support?

Most of the stainless steel steamer pots are compatible with gas, electric, induction, and grill stovetops. Some also support woodstoves, whereas some are not induction compatible.

How to clean a stainless steel 3 tier steamer pot?

How to clean a stainless steel 3 tier steamer potHere is how to clean a stainless steel 3 tier steamer pot:

You will need: Dish soap, Baking soda or Bar Keepers Friend, Sponge, and Water.

Step #1 – Fill all the pots with warm water and add dish soap.

Step #2 – Place in 3/4 cup of baking soda or Bar Keepers Friend

Step #3 – Scrub with a sponge and rinse thoroughly with warm water

This mixture should easily wipe the food particles, reaching all the small spaces to clean them thoroughly. If you still have hard water stains, Bar Keepers Friend is great for getting rid of them.

To get rid of the discoloration, go for vinegar or tomato sauce.

How do I know when the food has been steamed enough?

Many people are unsure as to how long it would take to cook vegetables in the steamer, especially if they want to do quick steaming or double-steaming. Well, here is a good guideline for you.

Steam the food until the point where the color has turned bright, and the texture is soft enough before serving. It’s best to go by sight rather than time when it comes to quick-steaming or double-steaming because times will vary depending on the type of food being steamed.

Generally speaking, it takes about 5-7 minutes to steam vegetables and another 3-5 minutes for quick-steaming. Double-steaming takes about 10-12 minutes. Just remember to start counting the time once the water has come to a boil.

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