3 Ways to make Galaxy Frosting

A couple of weeks ago, my little ones stopped eating the cupcakes I usually make from them. When I asked why they don’t like the cupcakes anymore, I got a weird answer. One said I like how they taste, but I don’t like how they look all the same every time you make them. The elder one said they appear just like any other cupcakes, and there is nothing “out of the world in them.” Right away, something hit my mind; why not give my cupcakes a touch of something out of the world. Yes: it’s time for Galaxy Frosting.

So, I diverted my energy right away in finding the best recipes for making galaxy frostings. I searched many cookbooks and online sources and found out the best recipes for making galaxy frostings. I tried these recipes and found them to be really amazing. Your kids, guests, and everyone will just love the frosting on your cupcakes.

recipes of galaxy frosting

3 Ways to make Galaxy Frosting

  • Galaxy Frosting – Cream Cheese
  • Galaxy Frosting – Buttercream
  • Galaxy Frosting – Galaxy Glaze

Please note that you will need the following for making galaxy frosting (all three recipes).

  • Bowls
  • Electric mixer
  • Frosting Pipe
  • Mixing tool
  • Spoons
  • Time Needed: 10-20 Minutes
  • Yield: 2-4 cups
  • Cuisine: American
  • Course: Dessert, Cupcakes

Let’s go through the recipes first, and then we will discuss some tips to up your game.

Recipe#1: Cream Cheese Galaxy Frosting


  • Softened butter: ½ cup
  • Softened cream cheese: 8 ounces
  • Confectioner’s sugar: 4 cups; you can also use maple syrup
  • Gel food coloring: 3 drops each (black, blue, purple, and pink)
  • Edible glitter/disco dust: to your liking

Preparation Instruction

  • Add cream cheese and butter to a large bowl. If you got an electric mixer, your work is easy. For manual mixers, get ready for some elbow grease and keep a painkiller handy. You are going to need it after beating the cheese and butter by hand. You will need to blend at high speed for 3-4 minutes with an electric mixer. If you are doing it manually, keep on mixing until everything gets smooth and appears like a fine gel.
  • Add 2 cups of sugar and mix for 2-3 minutes at full power. Once there are no sugar streams left, add the remaining two cups and mix again.
  • Grab your spatula and divide the frosting equally into 4 medium-sized bowls.
  • Okay, now be careful. You need to be very precise here. Any mistakes will affect the final texture and colors of the frosting. Add 3 drops of dark blue, 2 drops of purple, and 1 drop for light blue and pink. Please keep in mind that you have to add one color to each bowl. DON’T add all the colors in one bowl.
  • Add the edible glister/disco dust to each bowl. Mix with a spoon until fully dissolved.
  • Now you have to scoop all the colors in a frosting pipe. Begin by scooping one spoon at a time of each color. For example, start with black, and then add blue, then pink, and purple at last. Follow this routine until no frosting remains or the frosting pipe is full. To prevent stains on other objects, place the frosting pipe in a tall glass. It will facilitate handling the frosting pipe.
  • You are done with making frosting. Pipe the frosting on your cupcakes, cakes, or other desserts to get a galactic outlook and amaze your kids.

Recipe#2: Buttercream Galaxy Frosting


  • Butter: ½ cup at room temperature
  • Confectioner’s sugar: 1 ½ cup
  • Vanilla extract: 2 tablespoons
  • Salt: 1 pinch
  • Gel food coloring: 2 drops (black and teal), 1 drop (pink and purple)
  • Edible glitter/star-shaped glitter: for garnishing, to your liking

Preparation Instruction

  • Start by beating the room temperature butter and make it smooth. Add sugar slowly and keep on mixing until the sugar is fully dissolved. Follow the mixing guidelines as discussed above.
  • Add the vanilla extract and keep on beating until the butter gets smooth, light, and puffy in texture.
  • Divide the buttercream into 4 bowls and add one color in each bowl.
  • Add all the colors in a piping bag with a spoon. I have already explained this process in the above recipe.
  • Decorate the frosting over the dessert and garnish with edible glitter stars or moon dust.
  • Serve and fascinate everyone.

Recipe#3: Galaxy Glaze Frosting


  • Icing sugar: 1 cup
  • Milk: 1 ½ – 2 tablespoons
  • Gel food coloring: 1-2 drops, 3 colors of your choice
  • Edible glitter/moon dust: to your liking

Preparation Instructions

  • Begin by adding milk and white sugar to a bowl. Mix well until fully dissolved.
  • Take out 1 tablespoon of mixture and add it to a separate bowl. The rest of the icing in the first bowl will be the white color for the galaxy glaze.
  • Now add 1-2 drops in the bowl with more milk in it. You don’t need to mix colors here. A gentle swirling is what you need. I always use a toothpick to swirl the colors around.
  • Sprinkle the white glaze over the colored glaze. Use your toothpick to twirl the colors lightly again.
  • Now spread the edible glitter over the icing. You can do it with your hand, just like you are adding some salt over your fried egg.
  • Now you have to spread the frosting over the dessert. This frosting is liquid in nature. Either you can pour with the bowl in your making it. Or, you can also use a spoon to pour over the cupcakes.
  • Let the frosting rest for 3-5 minutes before serving. It will take the shape of a gel.

Can’t find the Materials?

When I first made galaxy frosting, I didn’t have the proper equipment. So, I went to different stores and filtered out the best products used in making galaxy frosting. Investing in such things may seem unnecessary, but they come in handy while making other things as well.

Edible Sprinkle Stars will give the perfect galaxy-like look to your galaxy frosting. It is a sugar-free and tasteless option and can be used with cupcakes, candies, sodas, chocolates, ice creams, and many other things. There are hundreds of other options but what I like most about these stars is that they are easy to pour and come with a sifting. One standard-size bag will go a long way with you. Check out this amazing pearl dust as well.

To up your game, you need a good piping tip. And there is nothing better than this one here (). The amazing designs will just give your cupcakes a perfect bakery-like appearance. You get 9 different pieces at a very affordable price. I have used these piping tips myself, and I love them.

Finding the right food color is always difficult. I had to try several of them before I settled on one. If you ask me, I will suggest that you go with a 12-pack gel food coloring kit. You never know which color you may need in the kitchen down the lane. So, it is better to up your game. When it comes to white color, there is nothing better than AmeriColor bright white soft gel.

Some Tips for Better Results

Now I am going to reveal my secrets to you.

  • To get a full galactic effect, add star-shaped edible glitter or pearl sprinkles.
  • Do not use the same spoon for mixing different colors. We don’t want the colors to get mixed. You must keep them separate and then add in the frosting pipe.
  • Do not use liquid color dyes in place of gels. Gels keep the frosting solid. Liquid dyes will make it runny.
  • Never ignore the importance of a good beat-up session. A proper beating will ensure that the end result is light and fluffy.

What to do with the leftover frosting?

I always store the leftover frostings in an air-tight bag in a refrigerator. You don’t want to freeze it. Just keep it on the top shelf of your fridge.

Final Words

Galaxy frosting makes things desserts appear tasty and attractive. All the ingredients used are of high quality, and everything is safe for your children’s health. I know every parent is worried about what goes in the tummy of their little ones. I feel you all, and that is why I have only mentioned the best things in my recipe.


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  1. Wow great!!! I used to make galaxy frosting with buttercream. But now, I can make by using cream cheese too. Thanks for such a cool recipe.


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