How to Make Fancy Desserts the Easy Way

Fancy desserts, nothing said, can do them justice. Fancy desserts make your dinner table appear beautiful and attractive. It won’t be wrong to say that a fancy dessert is the only thing above sugary desserts. Not everyone can make fancy desserts from scratch with all the ingredients. Like me, a majority of Americans prefer readymade recipes for making fancy desserts. However, you can improve the taste of fancy desserts with the help of some tricks. All you need is a couple of ingredients swapping, some additions, some time, and patience to up your fancy dessert game. Get them right, and you will be amazed by all the love you will receive from your guests. Everyone will soon love your fancy desserts.

Let’s check out all the tricks and tips!


The Vanilla Game: To improve the taste of vanilla cakes and frosting or any other dessert with vanilla as an ingredient, try replacing the vanilla extract with vanilla bean paste. This will result in better flavor and enhanced taste. The vanilla bean paste will give tiny black dots to your desserts which will intrigue your guests.

The Dough Science: Another way to make your dough neat and clean is to use powdered sugar instead of the floor. Powdered sugar will not deposit a white layer over the dough.

Shredded Fruit Toppings: You can shred some fresh citrus peels and top the fancy desserts with them. You can also use chocolate for shredding. The freshly shredded chocolate looks unique on the fancy desserts.

Chocolate Chips vs. Chunks: Chocolate chips are used in a lot of recipes. However, chunks are also great. If your guests love chocolate, try adding chunks instead of chocolate chips. The chunks will add the rustic bakery-style charm and give extra taste, flavor, and aesthetic appeal.

The Perfect Chocolate Cake: To make a perfect chocolate cake from a cake box, add some instant coffee to your chocolate cake or brownies. Another useful thing to do here is to use hot water instead of tap water. It helps in mixing the cocoa more effectively.

The Cinnamon Way: Adding some cinnamon to your fancy treats is a great idea. I do it all the time when I am looking to make something special for someone special.

Try Some Almond Extract: If you are looking for royalty, add 1-2 teaspoons of almond extract in your desserts. The almond extract works best with vanilla cakes, sugar cookies, and yellow cakes.

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Be careful with your Sprinkles: If you are using sprinkles in the recipe, be careful with them. Don’t just throw them over the desserts. Rather, be attentive to detail and only sprinkle in moderate quantities. Many professional bakers use tweezers to hand place the sprinkles.

Chill it before your Heat It: when you have plenty of time, try freezing the pie crusts and cookie dough for 15-20 minutes. This extra effort will prevent them from spreading too much and keep the pie crust from shrinking.

Be Patient: Baking needs time. It needs patience. It needs dedication. You need to pay attention to detail and ensure that everything is going in the right way. With fancy treats, the need for patience and attention to detail increases manifold. So, be patient with yourself, and then you will get great results.

Some extra Chips: Adding some extra chips after the cookies come out from the oven gives them a fine finish. When you add the chips right away after pulling the cookies from the oven, they will melt and give a unique and tasty finish to your desserts.

Give your Buttercream some extra Whipping: Make sure you smooth out buttercream, cheese, or other ingredients that need whipping. A proper whipping will add that perfect fluffiness to your cake.

Final Words

These little tips and tricks may seem of little importance, but they matter a lot. Ask any professional baker, and they will tell you that it is the most important part of baking. A lot of famous bakeries have such secrets. I always employ the tricks discussed above, try them once, and you will love the difference it makes.


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