How to get out of a bad mood: 16 ideas to help

You ever have one of those days where the teeniest tiniest things seem to drive you up the wall? Where no one (especially you) can do anything right? Nothing is particularly bad which is almost worse because you have no reason to be in such a bad mood. Those days can leave you questioning how to get out of a bad mood and how to do it fast before I go insane.

Well fear not my friend, because I am an expert on bad moods because I’m just a moody person. So please enjoy this super awesome list of 16 ideas to help pull you out of that pesky bad mood.

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Take a pause.

Seriously, stop whatever you’re doing, take a deep breath and pause. Most of us don’t even realize that we’re holding our breath or taking shallow breaths. Oxygen makes our brains happy. It clears away the mental fog and reduces stress.

So just stop for 10 seconds to do the one thing you’ve known how to do since birth…breathe.

Check in with yourself.

If you are feeling angry, resentful, frustrated, irritable, overwhelmed, or any other

Why are you feeling that way. It’s possible theres are simple and easy solution. Are you hangry? Or overtired? Checking in with yourself means you are becoming aware of the emotion.

We aren’t our emotions. They are only temporary residents in our minds. Sometimes their good residents. Sometimes they suck and you can’t wait to evict them. But no matter the emotion they’re there for a reason. So don’t let them consume you, but be aware of them, handle the reason why they’re there (if there is one),

Take a second to reset if you need to.

You can choose at any moment to have a good day, even if it’s right before you go to bed. You make the choice whether or not you hit the reset button.

Once you figure out what is causing your bad mood, take a moment to change something(s) around you that can make the thing upsetting you easier.

If you’re overwhelmed at work, organize your desk top to make the space feel more manageable. Maybe if you just super irritable a quick walk, some sunshine, and a snack will make you feel slightly better.

Perhaps address the issue head on. If a friend has hurt your feelings for something, bring it up to them. But if it isn’t a good time to do so, you can still try and reverse your mood simply by deciding to discuss it with them later and letting it go for now.

Do something nice

Doing something nice for someone else (or yourself) can be just what you need when you are trying to get out of a bad mood. Making someone else happy has been shown to make us happier too.

You don’t have to do anything crazy either. A simple (genuine) compliment or hand written note of appreciation to someone can bring so much joy. Bring a coworker their favorite drink after your break or offer to watch your SO’s favorite show for once after dinner. A little bit of kindness goes a long way so spread that stuff like the plague.

Get out of your own head

Sometimes distraction is a good thing. If you’re anything like me, you can overthink yourself into a bad mood. Getting out of your own head can be ah-mazing when you’re trying to figure out how to get yourself out of a bad mood.

Work on something that requires your full attention, watch something engaging on Netflix, go to the gym, catch up with a friend, or read an action filled book. Sometimes but just disengaging our overthinking, our mood improves simply because we aren’t stuck on the thoughts.

Get lost in a story

Sometimes I don’t love listening to music. For instance, if I’m in the middle of a panic attack, my senses are already in overdrive. I do NOT want to health the mix of all the sounds. It’s not soothing to me. It sounds like an explosion at a nail and chalkboard factory.

Cue the audiobooks. Listening to one voice can be very soothing. Getting lost in another world is even better. And when I’m in a bad mood a good story is much better than my current situation.

Audible is my go to app because it has so many varieties of books that you can keep forever (even if you end your subscription). The library also has hundreds of audiobook options that you can download to your phone (most of the time) if you’re looking for a free option.

Take yourself out

You are a strong, capable, and bad ass lady who doesn’t need to let a bad day determine her worth. Take yourself out. It’s a nice excuse to look your best and enjoy your own company. After all, it’s probably better company than the company of the people who are driving you up the wall. Plus, when you’re hanging out with just you, you can’t get irritable or rude to someone you love. Which let’s be honest just makes you feel worse.

So get dressed, fix your hair, and go see a movie. Or take yourself out for coffee and pie. Maybe check out an event going on near you. Or just go to a park and watch the sunset…just you and the ducks.

Let others know what you need

People aren’t normally mind readers. If you need something, they’re not going to just guess it….this isn’t a RomCom. Telling others what you need ensures that you’re more likely to get what you need. If you need help with a project that’s stressing you out, you can ask for help. Do you need a 10 minute break? Let someone know. Need to be left alone for a bit? Let them know.

People can’t even begin to help you get what you need until you tell them. And if you never tell them, they may accidentally make your mood worse by unintentionally doing the opposite. Why would you want that? Seriously, let people know what you need.

Be prepared

Bad days happen. Moods are fickle. We know this, which is great because you can take a moment to prepare!

You can create a bad day playlist on your phone or keep stocked on some soothing bubble bath for when you get home. Maybe you keep snacks at work and in your purse in case hanger arises.

We aren’t always in control of what happens to us, but we are always in control of how we choose to respond.

Hydrate + feed yourself

Hanger is a real emotion people! You’re brain gets moody without some fuel. And by that same token, water is life. Your brain is about 75% water, you think it can function well when it is shriveling up like a raisin? No. Hydrate and eat something (but try to make that something healthy-ish. Sugar crashes make you even moodier)! You’ll feel better.

Eat, it’ll help.

Remus Lupin Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Take a nap

I understand that this one isn’t always an option, especially if you’re in a bad mood at work. However! I have this theory that adults are basically toddlers with better manners and higher expectations. We need our snacks and our naps or we get moody.

A 20 minute power nap can do wonders for your mood, focus, and productivity levels. When I worked retail, I’d go out to my car during my lunch and take a 20 minute nap so that I could handle all the rude customers without losing my sanity. It definitely helped.

how to get out of a bad mood

Comfort yourself

Once again, here’s another reason why we’re all just big toddlers. Sometimes a bad mood requires a hug. But as adults, sometimes a hug isn’t an option (it’s a sad truth). But you can still comfort yourself.

You can make yourself a hot cup of tea to warm your insides. You can give yourself a head scratch, or find a dog to pet. If none of those are options, you can write down 3 things that you love about yourself and/or 3 things you’re grateful for. Even on our worst days, we still probably have more blessings than problems. It feels good to remember that.

Get some fresh air

Fresh air has a way of reinvigorating our senses. Our senses help us feel alive. Sunlight gives us Vitamin D which helps us feel more alert and can help improve our moods.

Go for a walk

And speaking of fresh air, why not go for a short walk while your breathing in the oxygen? When we spend a large amount of time sedentary, it affects our moods. A little bit a movement helps ease that effect. Literally walk away from you bad mood.

Release your tension points

Drop your shoulders, loosen your jaw muscles, and release the air you’re holding in your lungs. When we’re in a bad mood, we tense up as if we are always ready for a fight. Sometimes the simplest way to stop feeling tense is to literally let go of tension.

Have a secret

This one is something I started doing a lot as a kid. I was always very anxious so I’d go to school with a “secret”. Sometimes it was silly socks or my favorite stuffed bunny hidden in my backpack. Other times it was a pretty rock I found or something shiny that I had decided to become attached to.

Looking back now those little “secrets” were like talismans of strength for me. When I’d feel anxious or start getting moody, I’d remember my secret treasures and instantly smile. I’d feel calmer, braver, happier or whatever emotion I needed from those little secrets.

how to get out of a bad mood
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Even now as a grown adult, I still have a small box full of little “secrets”. Still full of pretty rocks, colorful feathers, love letters, and other things I’ve discovered in happier moments that help balance out that bad mood when it comes along.

Final Thoughts…

A bad mood doesn’t make a bad day. A bad day doesn’t make a bad life. Again, we can’t always control what happens to us but we have complete control over how we respond to it.

Hopefully now you have 16 new ways to help pull yourself out of a bad mood when it sneaks up on you and you’re ready to conquer your day like the bad ass you were born to be.

While I’ve got you here, why not share this article? As we’ve said, bad moods happen to all of us which means if this post helped you, it’s likely to help someone else! Sharing is caring, after all.

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