15 ways to add more everyday magic into your life

The world around us is really pretty magical. Everything is truly quite a miracle if you think about it. Everyday magic flourishes all around you. Flowers can grow through cement, birds sing in the morning sky, a good rainstorm produces the most beautiful rainbows. Life itself is pretty magical when you think about all the little things that had to happen for it to happen. Oceans formed, bacteria grew into plants, fish emerged from the depths to become lizards, and now a bunch of hairless monkeys walk the earth – what a crazy happenstance.

Sometimes though life can feel a little dull. We may feel stuck in our day to day lives. We may reminisce about how much easier life was when we were kids, able to see the world through child-like wonder and remember how each day felt magical and full of potential back then.

Well the good news is, that child like wonder and curiosity is the way to spice up your life with a bit of magic. And you haven’t lost it. You just have to uncover it. When we peel away the layers of what “should be” and “adulthood” we find our free spirit-ness hidden right below, waiting to explore and experience the magic of the world once again. So how do you do that? Well to unlock some of that awesome everyday magic, try following some of the 15+ steps below!


It seems as though when you’re grateful for what you have already, you begin to see things in a brighter, more positive way. That positivity and gratitude keeps coming back to you in ways you can’t even imagine.

In fact, sociologists have found that people and cultures that are truly grateful for what they have and are given everyday are genuinely happier, healthier, and sometimes have a longer life expectancy.

Saying thank you for all the miraculous gifts and things you have invites more luck, positivity, and opportunities into your life. Gratitude creates magic because it increases your feeling of fulfillment and possibility. Use it.

Spread some Kindness

I’m pretty sure the most magical qualities to possess in the world are gratitude and kindness.

Kindness is like love, it spreads through everything it touches. It can heal broken hearts, mend an angry soul, and it can build bonds tighter than the toughest metals.

Being kind in a world that is sometimes anything but, is not only brave but also so impressive. When you spread kindness to all those around you, you create the simplest kind of everyday magic – love and smiles.

Make wishes

Remember when you were a kid and every dandelion was a wish instead of a weed? Ugh, what a carefree and magical time. Wishes are wonderful things. We often think that it’s only a wish and nothing will come of it, but I believe that wishes are like little spells or good vibes or requests (whatever you want to call them) to the universe.

If you have the bravery to ask for something with a grateful and happy heart, the universe is more often than not likely to conspire to make that wish a reality.

So make more wishes on dandelions, cat whiskers, shooting stars, and candles. Because even if your wish doesn’t come true you’re opening yourself up for more magic.

everyday magic

Research some good luck signs

This one is mainly just for fun whether or not you believe in good or bad luck. By now everything in existence probably has a culture that believes it’s good or bad luck. I would suggest focusing on the good (as with most things in life).

Did you know that if a bird poos on you it is considered good luck? Yeah, seriously. It is said to be lucky because it is such an unlikely thing to happen, that you must be touched with luck.

So something that seems so shitty (pun intended) actually might mean that something great is coming your way. Good luck signs can change your perception on your rougher days and they can help you keep an eye out for magic everywhere you go.

Seek it out

Seek out everyday magic. Choose to take a different route on your way to work. Walk through nature at every opportunity. Look for the magical things you want to see.

When I’m having a rough day, I start looking for ravens. I’ve always had a thing for these big misunderstood birds. They are curious creatures, protective of their friends, and hold grudges like it’s their jobs. So maybe they just remind me of myself. Anywho, they have always felt like my secret protectors, watching my back and leading me to a happier day. On bad days I have a hard time finding ravens. So I seek them out. And then I realize that there’s so many around, I’ve just been blinded by my mood.

Magic is all around you, you just need to open your eyes to see it.

Fill your life with good energy

Your happiness begins within you. Filling your life with the people and things that bring you joy and leave you feeling energized and content, makes more room for magic.

So ditch the toxic jobs, people, and things that weigh down your soul. Then make more space for good energy and magic.

Practicing Letting Go

Letting things go and learning forgiveness are the hardest skills to master (right next to patience). Both require determination, strength, and self-love. We don’t let go or forgive for the other person, we do it because we love ourselves enough to know that we deserve peace.

Holding onto grudges, hurt, expectations, control, and anger only keeps us weighed down, afraid, and unable to live happily.

Letting go is magic because it is so hard to do. But when we do it, it’s as if a spell has been cast and things begin to flow for us, as if a blockage has been removed.

Experience the Mundane

One of my favorite things about mindfulness is bringing your awareness to your present moment. It makes something as seemingly boring as brushing your teeth or eating a snack a more magical moment.

*I’m super serious about the eating one! You should check out the article on how to start eating mindfully!*

When we engage our senses into our tasks, we experience them in a different way.


Get into nature. Try things that scare you. Fill your days with memories of adventure, daring, and beautiful views.

Nature will always hold onto the secrets of magic and if you sit out there long enough, she might start to show you them too.

Life is too short to keep the status quo every day. None of us get out here alive so you might as well live with adventure.


Reading a book allows you to travel through space and time and create a magical new world inside your own head. It gives you a fresh perspective on the real world and can inspire you to do so many new and daring things.

And even though I never got my Hogwarts letter, which still makes me bitter, through reading the books I kind of got to join the magic of the Wizarding World.

Of course, it isn’t quite as good as actually exploring the castle and Hogsmeade but at least it has inspired me my whole life to look around and discover magic hidden in the muggle world.

Be spontaneous

Life happens when you’re making other plans.

Sometimes it’s a good thing (even for us type A people) to jump at an opportunity that presents itself, even if it interferes with plans of things you wanted to get done.

Don’t let life slip you by because you’re too focused on your plans. The occasional spontaneity takes you off your planned path and leads you to magical things you never thought would happen.

Work, work, work, work, work

I don’t mean work your 9-5 job and call it good. Most of us already do that and that’s what makes us feels so “meh” anyways. No, I’m talking about working on your passions, on your dreams, and on your goals.

Everyday magic happens when you fill your everyday with things that bring you joy, purpose and happiness. If you don’t have the time for the things you love, work to make time.

Get all Hygge-y

Hygge is technically the Danish lifestyle of getting cozy, but I like to think of it as the Dane’s magic lifestyle. It gives a feeling of warmth, comfort, and love – all of which make us feel whole and open up the world of magical possibilities.

Check out Project Hot Mess’ article about hygge, what it is, and how to incorporate it into your life!

Cook + Bake

Have you ever heard someone talking about “creating magic in the kitchen”? I think it’s an actual saying not just one I say all the time…

Anywho, if you’ve been reading The Fulfillment Pill for a while now, you’ll know that I feel like food is one of the most magical things in the world. It brings people together, can turn enemies into friends, and is always a great ice breaker for meeting new people or for expanding your social circle.

That sounds pretty magical to me. Also, turning flour, eggs, and sugar into something as divine as cupcakes may just be science. However, I’d like to argue that science is just magic with an explanation.

When you bake and create meals to share with someone you care about, you are creating magic. You are changing something from a raw form into a beautiful (and tasty) cookie. Or steak. Or even cup of tea. Transformation is magical and cooking is a great way to rapidly watch transformation happen.

everyday magic

Embrace Change

Life happens. Things change. They always have and the always will. Accepting and embracing change keeps you adaptable. When you’re adaptable you’re more open to accepting more magic in your life.

Things don’t always go as planned. Actually, they rarely go as planned. But no matter how much things change, life works itself out to be exactly what you needed, not necessarily what you wanted.

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Believe in the extraordinary

The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is just a little extra.

Believing in the extraordinary then takes a little extra faith, wonder, and curiosity. We know so much about our world and yet we know nothing at the same time. Believing in things that are unseen or unknown (or at least allowing yourself to entertain the thought) makes it so much easier to accept everyday magic when you see it.

Believing in the extraordinary power of everyday magic is not only pretty cool it’s also pretty Luna Lovegood of you. Who, by the way, is one of the best and underappreciated characters of the Harry Potter series!

Final Thoughts…

I believe magic is real and we are constantly surrounded by it. Do people wave wands and make potions and fight dragons? Gosh, I hope so, but I don’t know.

What I do know is that everyday magic can be just as powerful as the stuff from fairytales to create our happily ever afters. Magic is simply a way to experience the world (in my opinion, it is a better way to experience it). If you view the world as an amazing place filled with wonder, unexplainable moments, and magical, the world will expose itself to you as such.

Your life is special and deserves to be lived; intentionally and happily. Whether you seek out or create your own everyday magic, you should find some to improve your life.

While you’re here, why not spread the magic now? Share this post with your friends and loved ones – magic grows the more that experience it!

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