How Long Does a Slushy Machine Take to Freeze?

A Slushy machine is an easy way to make a refreshing, frozen drink. It’s often found at gas stations and convenience stores. The machine uses a refrigeration system to freeze the slushy mixture it churns out until it reaches the perfect consistency. But, here, the question arises how long a slushy machine takes to freeze?

The time a slushy machine takes to freeze depends on how efficient the machine is. But that is not the only factor that affects the freezing time. There are many others, which we will discuss later.

Slush machines combine water, sugar, flavor, and coloring to create slushies. They maintain and operate at an idle temperature of -3 degree Centigrade.

Most of the slush machines take around an hour or 45 minutes to freeze, whereas the more efficient ones can freeze only in 20 to 30 minutes.

When purchasing a slushy machine for your cafe or restaurant, it is necessary to go through the specifications of the machine to know its freezing time. This will assist you in many different situations.

Which Factors Affect the Freezing Time of Slushies?[/su_heading]

The following factors can affect the freezing time of slushies.

  • Quantity of the mixture in the tank
  • Contents of the mixture
  • Initial temperature of the mixture
  • Sugar level
  • External temperature
  • Placement of the machine
  • Brand and model

Quantity of the mixture in the tank

The quantity of the mixture in the tank definitely affects the freezing time. If the chamber of your machine is half-filled with the content, it will take less time to freeze. On the other hand, a completely-filled tank will take more time to freeze.

Contents of the mixture

The ingredients play a crucial role in affecting the freezing time of slushies. A few examples are given below:

Fructose lowers the freezing point of water, which means that at a lower temperature, fructose makes it easier for water to freeze into ice crystals. This unfreezes more quickly because of its lower freezing point. Fructose also increases viscosity, which means that the syrup will take more time to freeze if there is more fructose in it, like high-fructose corn syrup.

Watermelon has citrulline amino acid, an enzyme that allows the blood vessels to dilate and relax when consumed. Hence, the body absorbs watermelon juice faster than it does with most other juices. Consequently, if more watermelon juice is used in the slushie, the drink will freeze more quickly.

Initial temperature of the mixture

If you have pre-chilled the mixture, you will experience fast freezing of slush. On the other hand, if the temperature of the slushy mixture is on the higher side, the slush will take more time to freeze.

Slush machines work best when the slush mixture has a lower initial temperature. If the temperature is higher, the freezing process will take more time to reach the desired consistency and consume more energy.

Sugar level

How much sugar present in the mixture also determines the freezing time of a slush machine. When it comes to making the perfect slushy, you need to examine how much sugar is in the liquid. The optimum range of sugar concentration for your frozen beverage should be between 10% and 15%. If there is too little or too much sugar, then you will find that your slushy machine has problems with its consistency.

Therefore, the correct proportion of sugar and water is needed to freeze the machine faster and get the desired slush consistency.

Ambient temperature

Did you know how long it takes for the slushy maker to make your beverage could also depend on the ambient temperature?

An ambient temperature simply means the surrounding or general climate around us.  So when you’re making a slushy drink, how long it takes for your machine to churn out an ice-cold beverage depends on both your machine and the ambient temperature.

If you are making a slushy drink indoors where the air-conditioning is turned on, your drinks will be ready faster than when you make it outdoors in a tropical environment.

Placement of the machine

The placement of the slush machine also plays its part in changing the freezing time. If the machine is placed outside in direct sunlight, you will not be able to create slushies in the required time period. But it doesn’t mean that you can’t place your slush machine outdoors. You can! But make sure you have a nice shaded spot for your device.

Also, never try to place your machine near the wall. During operation, the machine heats up, and if there is no room for the hot air to pass, the heat will transfer back to the slushy tank, increasing the machine’s freezing time. Therefore, always keep enough space all around the machine so that its refrigeration system can work at its fullest potential.              

Brand and model of the machine

Slush machines of different brands have different freezing times. Even different models from the same brand differ in freezing time.


The freezing time of a slush machine depends on many factors, including the size and shape of your drink container, contents of the mixture, initial temperature of the mixture, and its quantity. The amount of sugar present in the mixture is the most important thing to watch for as it greatly affects the freezing process of your slush mixture.


Why my slush machine is over-freezing? How can I prevent it from happening?

Over freezing of the slush machines happen from time to time. It is a common problem but destroys all the working of a slush machine because you fail to get the desired output.

  • Over-freezing happens when there is a low level of sugar in the mixture. Therefore, the correct water to syrup ratio is essential to prevent over-freezing of the slushies. Sugar in the mixture acts as an anti-freezing agent that doesn’t allow the mixture to turn solid.
  • Make sure the stirrer or mixing blade is constantly moving.
  • Never leave the slush machine turned on for too long when not in use. This can also cause over-freezing.
  • Always use good quality slush syrups because they will have the right amount of sugar content to prevent over-freezing of the slush machine.
  • You can also prevent your slush machine from over-freezing by doing its regular maintenance. Maintenance should include washing of different parts of the machine and lubrication of the moving parts.

My slush is not freezing. What may be the possible causes?

My slush is not freezing. What may be the possible causes

If the slush or slush machine is not freezing, then following can be the possible causes.

  1. Incorrect water and syrup ratio
  2. Airflow blockage (insufficient space around the machine)
  3. Dust on the condenser
  4. Broken auger or stirrer
  5. Issues with the thermostat


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