The Ultimate Guide to Get Your Life Together

Let’s get real for a second. Everything that is happening in your life right now is because of you. All the good things and all the bad things, you are in control of changing. So if you’ve been feeling like your life is falling apart, it’s happening because of you. Your response to other’s actions, your choices, even your mindsets all play a part in whatever is happening in your life. The good news is that if it feels as though your life is crumbling around your ears, you are in complete control to rebuild it. So if you’re finally ready to get your life together keep reading for your ultimate guide. And stick with me through the end for some extra bonus materials.

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Get Your Life Together

Write yourself a letter

First thing’s first get out a pen and paper (I know, so old school) and write yourself a letter. Write about what your life looks like right now. Talk about how you’re feeling about your life and how you want to feel. Write about the goals you have and what you want from life. Basically, just let it all out…what does your life look like?

Then fold it up and address it to you exactly 365 days from when you’re writing it. Keep it somewhere safe that you’ll occasionally see it (like a sock drawer) so you’ll remember to open it in a year.

Sometimes the hardest thing is recognizing the progress you’ve made – especially when that progress is slow. The letter is designed for you to look back and realize how far you’ve truly come in getting your shit together.

Stop Wasting Your Time

You want to get your life together? Stop wasting your time. Your energy. And your fucks. Seriously.

If that boy treats you like shit unless he wants something from you, drop him. He’s a waste of time. Do you spend your time working on other people’s dreams and goals? Stop it. Your dreams matter just as much.

Do you say yes to everything anyone asks of you? Well, I can guarantee half of those things are a waste of your time. Stop it. Also, stop making time for people when they can never seem to return the favor when you need them. And if you make time for people who make you feel like shit, stop it. Spending your finite time and energy on flakes and fakes isn’t a good use of resources.


To get your life together, you’ve got to have an idea of what the heck you want from life.

Once you’ve kind of got an idea of that, figure out what your current priorities are. The best way to actually know what you’re prioritizing, look at two things; your bank account + your schedule. Often, we discover that we think our priorities are one thing but our actions say others.

For example, if your “priority” is to save money to move out of your parents house, you might discover when looking at your bank account and schedule that you’ve been going out with friends every weekend instead of spending more time looking for higher paying jobs + saving for an apartment deposit. This means that your actual priority has been socializing. Of course there’s nothing wrong with that unless all your goals say that it’s a problem. That’s up to you to decide.

And once you’ve figured out what your priorities are versus what you want them to be, it’s time to make adjustments. What can you change to make your actual priorities more inline with you ideal priorities. Using the example above, maybe you choose to go out with friends only once a month or instead of the bars, you opt for a free concert in the park or a movie night. And maybe you head to your local library every Sunday and bust out some applications. Your priorities don’t need to be all or nothing, but you do have to find a balance between what you want long-term and what you want right now.

get your life together

Clean Your Space

When you are in a clean space you are simultaneously more relaxed and productive. Two birds one stone. And I’m not talking a light once over. I’m talking a good deep clean. A spring clean if you will.

Clean your bathrooms, scrub the kitchen, clean your floors, and wash your laundry. Make your apartment more sparkly than when you moved in (which in all honesty probably isn’t too hard for most of us – does no one clean when they move out?!).

And While You’re at it Declutter + Minimize

If you haven’t discovered yet, minimalism + I are bros. Minimalism is a god send when you do it right and I will preach that until the day I die.

Get rid of your clutter. Get rid of all the things that you don’t use, don’t love, or remind you of painful memories. Stop keeping things out of obligation and set yourself free. Free yourself from physical, digital, and mental clutter so you can make room for what matters most right now…the present …….and of course, presently, to get your life together.

Get organized

Once you’ve figured out what you want + made some space in your life to do it, get organized. Make a schedule, buy a cute planner or use a giant wall calendar (get the one I use here – it’s simple and minimalist), or use your Google calendar.

Get yourself on some good routines; specifically a morning and evening routine! These help train your mind to know when it’s time to wake up and time to sleep so you waste less time laying awake in bed or needing 10 cups of coffee just to open your eyes in the morning.

Get yo’self on a budget

Life happens when you’re on a budget. Yeah, you read that right. Budgets aren’t there to restrict but enhance your life.

At least the right budgets are. Make a budget based on how you live – not based on how you should live.

Save your money + pay your debts but unless absolutely necessary, you don’t need to live on beans and rice. You’re here to have a life not to just survive. With a good budget you can make sure that you have money to go out with friends occasionally, you can have money to go to that concert, and you definitely can afford to buy the occasional Ben + Jerry’s…as long as you budget for it!

Take care of the things you’ve been putting off

Yes, when we start trying to get our life together, sometimes that requires damage control. This means you finally have to do the things you’ve been trying to avoid and ignore.

Of course if you’re like me, you’re probably overwhelmed just thinking about all the things you’ve put off. Well fear not, my friend, there’s an easy solution.

Getting yourself together doesn’t happen overnight. So make a list of the things you’ve put off and plan to do one thing on that list every day. It that feels like too much, try every week. Before you know it, your car finally has gotten that oil change it so desperately needed, you’ve written a new resume, and you even got your sweet put to the vet for his yearly wellness exam.

Start actively going after what you want

“How do you eat an elephant?”

First of all, you shouldn’t. Elephants are endangered which makes eating them probably illegal. But for the sake of this question: one bite at a time.

You’ve got goals. You have dreams. And my dear, you deserve everything you dream of. However, most of us never reach our goals because they seem overwhelming.

Well, you don’t eat an elephant by staring at how hard and big the job is. You just begin with one bite. And then another. Just like with the elephant, take your goals one step at a time. Even if that means little baby mini steps. A step in the right direction is still progress!

If you want to read more about the elephant goal method, read my super informative and helpful goal setting article here:

get your life together
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Take Care of Yourself

If you take care of your health life is easier. Regular exercise helps your body stay energetic and your mind more focused. Both of which make it easier to get your life together.

HYDRATE, HYDRATE, HYDRATE! You are 75% water, do you think you function well without water. No. So my dear dehydrated raisin drink some water and shine.

Sleep. Rest. Meditate. Do the things that give your brain time to relax, repair, and recover. Most of us feel like our lives are falling apart more when our brains are burning out. Give yourself a break. Help your body function better. Sleep.

Eat good foods. Eat the foods that are good for you but that also taste good. Life is all about balance. Enjoy your salad. And also enjoy a cupcake. Food is the most underappreciated art ever (in my opinion). It deserves to be enjoyed.

Heal. Grow. Seek help. Your mental health is a serious thing. You deserve to be happy. Primates are social creatures and we are primates. Seeking help is not only okay, it is literally a primal instinct that we have. Keep healing and growing because even though you may feel like you’ve been buried, you’re just a seed who has been planted. Bloom, beautiful.

Ditch misery

They say misery loves company, but that doesn’t mean you have to be its companion. Of course some things we’d rather not do *like work hem-hem* but there are some things that are necessary.

If you wake up in the morning filled with dread to go to work, it’s time to ditch that job and find something you like better.

Stop following the Instagram accounts that make you feel miserable about who you are or where you’re at in life. Get your life together with one little click of the “unfollow” button.

Ditch the responsibilities you have that you hate. Seriously, why did you sign up to be that committee chair?

You hate the gym (I feel that)? Ditch it and find another way to get your body moving. Rock climbing, dancing, and hiking require no dumbbells but your body still feels good.

Final Thoughts…

I want to say that when you choose to get your life together, you choose to live a life for you, for your dreams, and for your own well being. That, my friend, is hard and getting it together can be scary and overwhelming. So I’ll be the first to say that I am so proud of you for getting started!

Now because I know how hard it is from first hand experience, I prepared a gift for you. When I was learning how to get my life together everything was so overwhelming that I just started making lists. So many lists. I’m going to share them with you so that you have the help that I wish I had had when starting out.

So enter your email below and immediately get all of my lists and access to other super helpful free resources, helpful emails, and beneficial tips to continually get your life more and more together. So I’ll see you soon, friend and please don’t forget to HYDRATE!

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