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Chocolate Acorns: Easy No Bake Cookies

Looking for a no bake easy cookie recipe to help you out for this Thanksgiving or Christmas season? Girl, I’ve got you covered. These easy no bake cookies are chocolate fun, tasty, and so easy you can get the kids all to make them and give yourself some peace and quiet.

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Does anyone else feel like the holidays go from 0 to 100 real quick? Seriously, one moment it’s August and the next the stores are filled with Christmas decor just sitting there judging you for already being so behind with the season.

I’ve gotta ask, since when did the holiday season become 6 months of the year? And when did it become so much work to enjoy it? Is this adulthood? If so, I don’t like it. But me, always being a bit rebellious about the status quo, I’m sick of the difficulty and stress of the holidays.

My holiday philosophy: Simple will always be more beautiful.

You create more memories when things are simple. You’ll forget fewer things when things are simple. And you’ll be able to better prepare for the impertinent questions from your family about what you’re doing with your life when all the other things are simple.

Life is as simple as we make it. And this recipe helps keep things simple and still pretty. So, let’s get started and make your holidays simpler with these easy no bake cookies.

Easy No Bake Chocolate Acorn Cookies

These can be made two ways. By a little melting action or the less fun way with a little bit of buttercream frosting.

Personally, I prefer the melting method to the zero heat method to make these easy no bake cookies. Maybe it’s because I’ve always enjoyed melting things (is that weird?) or maybe it’s because I’m lazy and don’t want to use more ingredients if I don’t have to. It’s probably a bit of both.

Of course hot pans and flames aren’t great if we’re trying to keep our little cousins and/or nieces + nephews quiet. So the buttercream option is a godsend for that purpose.

The Process

Anywho! Unwrap your kisses and measure out how many chocolate chips you need first. It makes things flow a lot smoother and we all know that I’m all about that flow….and melting stuff.

You can make as many as you want! I chose to make 2 dozen but honestly that’s just because I wanted to start eating them…so feel free to make a million and then share some more with me too.

Use mini Nilla wafers and if you’re feeling as though your wafers are still bigger than you want, you can cut them down a bit around the edges. I have done it both ways and I must say that not cutting them was definitely easier and less messy. But they looked a bit cuter cut a bit.

When melting I just put my toaster oven on keep warm, and used it’s pan to melt the chips. (PS my toaster oven is my baby and I use it allllll the time).

Only leave them on for 1-3 seconds or else your kisses and chips will be too melty and impossible to pick up. Also, I have a good pair of tweezers that I often use for sprinkle placement that really helped picking up those tiny chocolate chips without burning your wee fingers.

Stick the melty chocolate to the cookie gently press for a couple seconds. Repeat on top of the wafer with the chocolate chip. BOOM! You’ve got a cookie. A delicious, simple, tasty cookie that’ll impress everyone at dinner so much they’ll never realize how easy this was.

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Good Luck Charms?

Because I have a love for the magic in nature – I have to share this. Acorns are considered to be good luck and to attract prosperity. And before they were considered lucky, supposed witches would give them to other witches to let them know that they were safe and within good company. They are also supposed to help maintains one’s health.

And since the holidays have gotten wayyyy to complicated and stressful, we could all use a little extra luck, belonging, and health. I’m sure all the benefits still count when the acorns are made of chocolate. 😂

Plus, we can consider Thanksgiving to be part of spooky season, so the witches thing works great too!

no bake acorn cookies
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No-Bake Chocolate Acorns

Need a super simple Thanksgiving snack or dessert? These no-bake chocolate acorns are light, tasty, and easy. Kids love them, adults love them, even your Great Aunt Cindy will love them.
Course Dessert, Snack
Cuisine American
Keyword easy desserts, fall desserts, holiday party desserts, no bake desserts, thanksgiving desserts
Prep Time 10 minutes
Total Time 10 minutes
Servings 12 People
Calories 83kcal


  • 24 mini Nilla Wafers
  • 24 chocolate chips
  • 24 Hershey's Kisses
  • 1 tbsp buttercream frosting of your choice (only for method 2)


Method 1: Melted Chocolate

  • Unwrap your kisses and have all ingredients ready to go
  • Heat a medium skillet on the stove.
  • Place the base of each kiss on the hot pan until barely melty (2-5 seconds), remove it and stick it to the Nilla wafer.
  • Repeat with each individual kiss and again with the chocolate chips.
    no bake acorn cookies

Zero Heat Method

  • Dab a little bit of room temperature buttercream on the bottom of each kiss and chip. Only use enough buttercream to stick the chocolate to the wafer. (You don't want it exploding out the sides)
  • Refrigerate until the buttercream sets. Boom. You've got acorns.
  • This method is safest for kids, but may not stick as well together as getting them a little melty.


*Note* Nutrition information may not be 100% accurate 


Calories: 83kcal

Final Thoughts…

I truly do love the holidays. What I hate is the stress, the hurry, and the very unreasonable expectations we put on ourselves. We are all just trying to figure life out as we go. We’re all at different points in our lives and we’ve all created different (and wonderful) memories.

The only expectation we should have for our holidays is to enjoy them. To see the ones we love, to give our love, to relax, and most importantly to eat. so. much. good. food! So make things simple, spread some love, and share these easy no bake chocolate acorn cookies with everyone you know! They may just bring you a little extra luck too!

Let me know how this recipe goes and share it with me on Instagram by tagging @thefulfillmentpill. I get so much joy seeing what you guys make and love sharing food with my tribe! So go on! Make them, shoot them, and then tag me in them!

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