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Better Sleep Tips: 10 Ways to get your best zzz’s

Tips for better sleep! Here we go!

Sleep is the world’s safest and most magical drug to cure so many things. One of the best tips for better sleep? Do it more. Seriously, it cures so much. Moody? Sleep. Can’t focus? Take a nap. Sick? Sleep. Stressed out? Sleep. Feeling un-cute? Nap. It’s like normal every day wear and tear on our body is fixed by sleep. Crazy right?! I mean this is nothing new, humans have known this since the dawn of humanity but sometimes we stupid.

Sleep literally mends your brain, increasing the neural pathways of your mind to help improve your memory, focus, and creativity. It gives our body time to rest and repair damaged cells and to create new cells. Sleep keeps things running smoothly in our body’s so that our eyes sparkle and our organs function.

So let me ask you, why do we treat sleep as if it is unimportant inconvenience?! It’s like throwing a precious gift in the trash because we hate feeling good and happy or something. And yet we do it all the time. Sleep needs to be a bigger priority.

These tips for better sleep aren’t hard. Most revolve around relaxing, creating good routines, and self-care. Because when you can relax and be taken care of, your body will know it is safe and time to repair itself and then sleep will come.

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Better Sleep Tips #1 : Get on a sleep schedule

Waking up and going to sleep at the same time every day (INCLUDING WEEKENDS) helps your body balance out your circadian rhythm. When that rhythm is balanced, your body naturally wakes you up and helps you go to sleep at those chosen times.

Without a sleep schedule, waking up early is harder and you’ll find yourself spending a lot of unnecessary time tossing and turning trying to fall asleep at night.

Don’t eat a big meal at least 3 hours before bed

I am all about a bed time snack and there are actually a lot of foods that help you fall asleep. But big meals are harder for your body to digest quickly, obviously. And a very active digestive system isn’t great for some good deep sleep.

Plus, if you ate too much the over-fullness is going to make it hard to fall asleep or get comfortable. Trying to schedule meals can sometimes be difficult, of course. If you don’t get the chance to eat until 7 but you wanted to go to bed at 9 or 10…it gets tricky. This doesn’t have to be perfect but a 3 hour gap between dinner and bed time, generally helps ensure a deeper sleep.

Skip the alcohol

Alcohol might make you drowsy but it doesn’t help you sleep. I know what you’re thinking….Wait whaaa? You mean a glass of red, doesn’t help? Yeah, that’s right.

Alcohol, while it helps you fall asleep initially, it really effs up your sleep patterns throughout the night. This makes your sleep less restful, leaving you feeling less rested in the morning.

And don’t even get me started on how much sugar is in alcohol! Didn’t we learn from our parents that sugar before bed was a bad idea?! We cray-cray. So for your sleep’s sake, just skip the alcohol.

Make your home an environment for R+R

Your home should always be a place you feel comfortable to relax in. It’s your home after all. But to help you get your best sleep ever, there are a few extra things you can do to get the best beauty sleep every night.

Curious on how to make your home more relaxing? Check out this post!

7 steps to a mindful + inviting home to create your own sanctuary

Keep your room cooler

Getting chilly at night is a good thing. Cooler temperatures actually send our bodies into a mode of semi-hibernation. Sleep conserves heat, so it’s a great evolutionary tactic for your body to respond to the cold by conserving heat.

So when your surroundings are around 65-68 degrees, you can bundle up like a human burrito and know that sleep is coming.

Turn off the screen and turn on the mood lighting

In case you haven’t heard yet, blue light is bad for sleep. It messes with the melatonin production in your brain. This is because blue light is also emitted from the sun so your brain gets confused basically if it’s daylight or not.

So if you love sleep, which I know you do, it’s time to take some space from your screen before bed. They say roughly an hour before bed is sufficient enough not to mess with your sleep, but you could be safe and just go for 2 hours. (Better safe than sorry, no?)

Once you’ve broken up with your phone for the evening, time to get in the mood. The mood for sleep of course. Soft lighting + candles (if you can be sure to blow them out before falling asleep) are much better for your brain to realize that it is, in fact, time to sleep. An added benefit to candles is the scent. You can use them as some aromatherapy with relaxing scents like orange, lavender, or other relaxing smells.

Himalayan Salt lamps have actually been shown to help induce sleep because they emit red light waves, which actually aids in melatonin production.

Sometimes the better sleep tips are the simplest sleep tips.

better sleep tips
Noise Can Be Good

White noise can help if you’re a light sleeper for sure. You really don’t want to hear your neighbors tv, sirens passing, or the meowing of your starving cat at 3am (just me?), so white noise helps tune that out for you. Plus, if you’re using a fan, it helps with the whole ‘keep your room cool’ thing. So that’s like two birds with one stone.

If you have an anxious mind that just won’t shut up, try an audiobook. Audible is my bff and helps me sleep like a baby. I’ve always loved bedtime stories and now as an adult I can still get them without feeling childish. A good, familiar story keeps my mind off of pointless worries which definitely helps me drift off much easier. Typically, I try to listen to books I know well, since I really don’t like missing the good parts. Which means, I am constantly listening to the Harry Potter series on repeat. Seriously, I could probably quote more than half of the series at this point…it’s riddikulus (haha get it?)!

Have a cup of tea

Tea is like the muggle version of potions. Feeling sick? Tea. Stressed? Tea. Can’t wake up? Tea. Can’t sleep? Tea.

Before going to bed, there’s nothing quite like sipping a hot cup of Sleepytime Tea waiting for peaceful slumber to wash over you. The warm drink is soothing and the blended chamomile tea is almost guaranteed to help you relax into your cozy bed after a long, hard day.

Weighted Blanket

I know that weighted blankets are all the rage nowadays for stress and panic attacks. But my favorite use for it? A restful and good night’s sleep. Not only is it nice to fall asleep under, it also helps prevent me from tossing and turning all night. Which also seems to reduce the amount of nightmares I have and helps me wake up feeling super rested.

A word of caution! Don’t drink your tea while tucked under your weighted blanket like I did once. It was way too relaxing and I ended up spilling tea all over the bed when I fell asleep halfway through the cup.

But if you do want the same magical blanket as I (and my dogs) enjoy every night get it right here!

Know what you’re doing tomorrow

After a long day you finally get to snuggle into your cozy bed, and then BAM! Anxiety kicks in and you’re thinking of all the things you have to do tomorrow, next week, and for some reason feel the need to plan a list of 500 things to do before you die.

I can’t help you with the list of 500 but for the other ones, make your to do list the night before. For me, once I know what I need to do tomorrow I can actually let go of those worries.

Fun fact: You want to make yourself super productive and actually get more done with your days? Limit your to do list to 7 items. THAT’S IT! Crazy, right? This forces you to prioritize the most important things, reduces overwhelm, and gets stuff done like the freaking boss lady you are.

better sleep tips
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Do some yogurt yoga

Why do I insist on calling yoga “yogurt”?! It started ironically and now I can’t stop. Please someone help me.

Anyways, stretching before bed is miraculous. Stretching releases tension which of course results in relaxation. It also helps rejuvenate the body, increases mobility, and helps the body begin healing as it stimulates blood flow and energetic flow, I suppose too.

Plus, there are actual yogurt poses that help relax you for bed time. Check out Beauty Bites post for the perfect yoga poses to do before bed. I’d show you but I don’t want to embarrass myself – so my girl Stella has got you covered!

Set yourself up with a bed time routine

Morning and bedtime routines set you up for better productivity and less stress. Why? Well your brain likes patterns. When you have a good pattern when you’re getting ready for bed, your brain realizes that that pattern means it’s time to start shutting down and producing all those lovely sleep-inducing hormones.

It doesn’t have to be a long or complicated routine either. Enjoy your cup of tea, change into your pjs, brush your teeth, wash your face, and journal or read for a bit. Simplicity is a good thing. Add the better sleep tips from this article into your bed time routine and feel you absolute best when you go to sleep and when you wake up in the morning!

Trying to figure out your mornings too? Get inspired from My successful morning routine for a mindful + productive day!

Final Thoughts…

As we know, sleep is a wonderful thing. Without is, we suffer…a lot. But enjoying restful, perfect sleep every night can be challenging for many. If you made it all the way down to the end of this post here, you are dedicated to your sleep. You’re smart. Life is just better when you’re rested. I hope these tips for better sleep help you become the boss lady you were born to be and help you stop being that permanently exhausted pigeon.

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