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15 Anxiety Management Products to improve your life

I thought today I would write something a little different. As most of you know, I have struggled with severe anxiety for all my life. It was only recently that I really began to find ways to genuinely manage it without the need of medication to get me through the day. I’ve compiled a list of the most helpful products I’ve found that help ease the panic in my life or that someone close to me has used with great results. If you want to read more about how to manage your anxiety naturally, click here. But sometimes having a few physical tools at your disposal can make a huge difference with anxiety management.

*Note: if you need medication to manage your anxiety please know that I am not implying that that is a bad thing! I didn’t like the way medication made me feel so I made the personal choice to talk to my doctor about stopping the medication. Also, even with meds, these products can help you day to day to help you live your best life.*

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1. Weighted blankets

Weighted blankets are designed to help with way more than just anxiety. They are designed to be about 10% of your weight and calming because they help increase the production of oxytocin and dopamine like you’d get if you received a good hug. They help relieve anxiety and help you relax, often aiding in sleep and reducing insomnia.

The one I purchased here is designed to keep you cool at night as well and is breathable for hot summer nights.

2. Essential oils

I used to have a prescription for tranquilizers in case of a panic attack (yeah, my panic attacks were pretty bad). The trouble was, they still took about 30 minutes to really kick in. But then I found essential oils work wonders for me. DoTerra actually has one called Breathe that stopped a panic attack in about 10 seconds for me. Crazy, right?! I just roll a bit under my nose and on my chest and my airways almost instantly open up! It’s amazing! Obviously, results vary and some oils work better for some than others but I highly recommend looking into some to add to your arsenal of anxiety management tools.

3. Himalayan salt lamps

Salt lamps have several benefits including anxiety management. They improve mood, concentration, and sleep. They absorb negative ions while releasing positive ones aiding in better air quality and a more refreshed attitude. Because of this they aid anxiety, seasonal depression, and insomnia as well.

Personally, I like this one from Amazon because it is dim-able and a pretty substantial chunk of salt.

4. Meditation fountain

Water can be super calming for many people who suffer from anxiety. A calming meditation fountain can help with anxiety management by helping you get some zen.

5. Light therapy lamp

Seasonal depression can affect many people (especially for those who live way up north in the winter months). But SAD lamps also help with anxiety management. They help simulate sunlight for sufferers of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) so that the Melanopsin receptors in the eyes can trigger the required serotonin release within the brain for better sleep and overall feelings of well-being (Dom Berryman). In other words, without enough sunlight, your eyes struggle to send the message to your brain to produce enough serotonin (another good mood hormone). A SAD lamp, can fix that and help ensure that you’re producing enough serotonin throughout the day.

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6. Acupressure mat

Acupressure is great for anxiety management. Traditionally, it’s done by someone else like acupuncture or a massage but that’s not always an option. An acupressure mat is a DIY method to relax and relieve some anxiety.

7. Fidget ring

Fidget spinners had their moment of glory but now I rarely see people using them. I always thought they were a bit too conspicuous for me. Apparently though there’s a newer more discrete way to fidget without attracting so much attention. Fidget rings are easy, not noticeable, and allow you to expel a bit of your anxious energy easily.

8. Posture corrector

This one may seem surprising but hear me out. When we are constantly sitting or looking down at our phones our posture begins to take a toll. Often your C1 and C2 vertebrae (the very first two vertebrae at the top of your neck) shift, compress, or change angles. Well that’s a huge issue for anxious people. When this happens, the nerves that link back to your amygdala and hypothalamus (both areas that deal with fear and anxiety) are impeded – leading to a huge increase of unknown anxiety. By wearing this posture corrector you can reduce some of those effects and begin to reverse them.


9. Magnesium supplements

Recent studies have shown that magnesium deficiencies can lead to increased levels of stress and anxiety. Fix that with a simple supplement to prevent any deficiencies contributing to your anxiety.

10. Worry Journal

Journaling has long been a way to work through your stress and pain. A worry journal is designed to do the same thing, only you write down all your worries on paper so that they’re not rattling around in your head as loud as a preschool at recess. (Have you heard that before? Why do kids scream so much while playing…sheesh).

11. Eye pillow

Our eyes get a lot of strain. That strain can make us feel more fatigued and overwhelmed at times. If you can’t sleep or just need to give your eyes a rest. Try this lavender eye pillow and relax a little bit.

12. Aromatherapy necklace

Carry your essential oils around with you always. Experience the calming effects 24/7 while wearing this aromatherapy necklace.

13. Reusable water bottle

Do you realize how badly dehydration intensifies anxiety? Skip the stress and just carry water with you everywhere. Stay hydrated for both your physical and mental health AND also to keep anxiety away. Personally, I love a good hydroflask. They are pricey but I’m not super gentle on my stuff and this water bottle has survived me running it over with my car, dropping it off a cliff, and a million small bumps and drops. (Sue me, I’m a clumsy person).

14. Buddha Board

What is a Buddha board, you ask? It’s a super calming board that you paint on with water. Your masterpiece evaporates and theoretically so do all of your worries. So let it out, express yourself through some painting and get yo’self a Buddha board to help with your anxiety management.

15. Calming teas

If everyone drank tea, the world would be a better place. Or at least a calmer place. These 3 looseleaf teas are fantastic for anxiety management throughout the whole day. One helps you relax to sleep, one helps you unwind in the evening, and one helps you calm down whenever you need to. Plus, sometimes there is nothing more soothing that a warm drink, a cozy blanket, and a peaceful moment.

Final Thoughts…

Anxiety affects so many people every day. There are so many ways to handle it in our day to day lives. Luckily for us, it is much less stigmatized than it once was meaning we have a huge market of products and tools to help us with our anxiety management. So we should be using them. Take care of yourself, use the resources available to yourself, and keep moving forward.

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