About us

Hey there friends! I’m Angel the creator of The Fulfillment Pill and all of its delicious recipes. I have an obsession with street tacos, rescue animals (seriously I have 9… and counting), and obviously baking.

After having had what I would call a pretty good quarter-life crisis I made the decision that I think many other 20 something women have made which was to quit school, follow my passions, and design a life that actually made me excited to live.

I do believe the words I said to my now-fiancé were “I just want to bake and create pretty things and make people smile”.


So I decided to turn this baking thing into a full-time shindig. I created The Fulfillment Pill to share will all of you beautiful people my tasty recipes.

Because quite frankly, I am lazy and impatient, which are not a good combination, so everything I make is easy, tasty, functional, and beautiful.

Each of my recipes had been tested to ensure that you and all the people you share it with will beg you for the recipe. Which is great for both of us. You become the recipe queen and they check out my site. See, win win.

The Fulfillment Pill is my tiny corner of the internet where I share my creative endeavors with other women who are looking to create beautiful things too!

I have one major philosophy: the world improves through compassion and food. These magical things bring people together. It turns enemies to friends, ends wars, and has brought countless smiles and hours of laughter to the world. Essentially, when we bake and create are creating love in a tangible way.

How bad a** is that?

It is my belief that food is the common factor that brings us all together no matter our backgrounds, cultures, or beliefs. We all gotta eat.

Civilization as a whole was built upon bread and beer. (This is a true fact. If you want a long cultural anthropology documentary on the subject email me for the link). And so if society was built upon baking (and drinking) – shouldn’t we continue the process of sharing recipes and bringing people together.

So whether it’s cookies to welcome new neighbors (which always makes you friends – trust me), party platters for your family’s get together, or making romantic chocolate lava cakes for your SO on Valentine’s Day, I got you, boo. Spread the love as thick as you’d spread Nutella and let’s make the world a bit sweeter.

Because with all the trouble happening in the world, it’s time to build longer tables not taller fences. It’s time to greet people with a smile (and perhaps a cookie) rather than suspicion.

Sharing food is a great act of kindness, love, and community, which is why most of TFP’s recipes are designed to share. The upside to this is, if you don’t want to share, you’ve got leftovers to keep you full and happy for days.

If you’ve found your way here, I’m pretty sure of a couple things. One! You know a good thing when you see it and two! You are an amazing person with a light inside of you just waiting to be shared.


On this site you I hope you find a community of kind and giving women who appreciate the sweet things in life. We’re all here to learn from each other and hopefully bond over our mutual love of desserts.

I believe that TFP is designed to be a community for all women we should get to know one another. SO!


  • I am the proud owner of a zoo. Five cats, two dogs, a rabbit, and a fiance that keep me busy and my house a little bit messy.
  • I am a minimalist. Less really is more for me.(Except when it comes to sprinkles and cream cheese frosting)
  • I love writing stories – my first one was about a dragon named Theodora. It was trash tbh.
  • I don’t like coffee. Tea is pretty good. But hot chocolate is my jam.
  • I am an introvert with a weakness for feel-good movies and many afternoon naps.


Interested in working with Us?! Contact us here:
Email: hello@thefulfillmentpill.com

And if you’re looking for a super easy, super simple, and super FREE e-cookbook for small batch desserts published by yours truly, you can find it right here!

Because sometimes the best things come in small packages.