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17 ways to sneak a little more exercise into your day

Sometimes our lives get a little crazy and there is no way we can make it to the gym for an hour-long workout. It just isn’t possible. But that doesn’t mean you have to feel like you didn’t get any activity that day. You just have to get a little more creative. Luckily, there are decently easy ways to sneak a little more exercise into your busy day that will make you FitBit just a little happier.

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Park further away

Whether you go to the store, work, school, or even in your apartment complex, park your car further than you normally would from the entrance.

Take the stairs instead

You want to get a popping booty? Take the stairs every chance you get and avoid those escalators and elevators.

Work on your posture

Besides making you look more confident, successful, and impressive, a better posture means stronger abs and back muscles. So just by sitting up straight with your shoulders back, you’re sneaking in a little bit of exercise.

Stand instead of sit

If you have to work at a desk all day, opt to use a standing desk. Standing burns way more calories throughout the day than sitting and it makes your posture better too.

Do some in bed stretching before you get up

I call it bed yoga. Simple stretches in the morning can help boost your metabolism, help you wake up better, and increase your energy levels all from the comfort of your cozy bed. I mean, you’re going to be laying there 15 minutes after your alarm goes off anyways, utilize that time.

Walk your dogs

Walking is an exercise as old as time. It is the simplest and the easiest. Walk your dogs to a park or around the neighborhood every day. You’ll see not only an improvement in your health, but your dogs will be grateful for it too.

sneaking exercise into your day
Work out during your Netflix time

Yoga is one of my favorite things to do during my Netflix time. There’s no reason you can’t enjoy your shows and movies and exercise too. One of my neighbors has a compact stationary bike that she uses while she watches Netflix every night and it makes her feel wayyy less guilty about binging a show.

Use waiting time to your advantage

Sometimes waiting is inevitable. If you’re stuck in a line at a store or bored somewhere in public do some discrete exercises. My personal favorites are calf-raises, wall sits, and isometric exercises. It’s a sneaky way to sneak a little more exercise into your day – and no one ever has to know that you’re doing it!

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1-mile rule

If you live in an area where possible, check to see how far your destination is before leaving. If it’s less than a mile, walk. It takes about 20 minutes for the average person to walk a mile so plan accordingly and reap the rewards of the fresh air and activity. Save the gas in your car, if it’s walkable, walk.

Use public transportation

Because public transportation isn’t a personal chauffeur you end up walking much more by utilizing it. Buses and trains only get you to the train and bus stop, the rest is up to you. By taking public transit you’re saving money, saving the environment, AND getting healthier – go you!

Power cleaning

Also known as speed cleaning can actually cause you to break quite the sweat. Set a timer for 10-15 minutes and give yourself that time to clean a room. Depending on the mess, you may have to be a serious speed demon to get it done.

Rearrange your furniture

On the topic of cleaning, why not rearrange your furniture too? Bonus points if you can move it all without regretfully asking someone to help you!

Utilize a FitBit

I love using a Fitbit. It tracks my steps for me which is great most days; until I’m being super lazy and realize I haven’t walked even 1,000 steps that day…oops. But it keeps me accountable which keeps me going. Plus, I love seeing how these little things add up so much. With a FitBit you can track how much well you can sneak a little more exercise into your day, every single day.

Hand wash your dishes

By washing your own dishes, you are sneaking in that extra exercise. And that goes for most chores that you choose to DIY instead of letting a machine do the work for you. Machines and robots are great, until you feel like a whale because you’ve sat on the couch all day with automation all around you. *Honestly though I can’t until “Alexa, bring me ice cream” is a functional command.

Make your own food

Have your exercise and eat it too. We all know that cooking meals at home is a great way to be healthier, but think about the how cooking can sneak a little more exercise into your day. You’re chopping, sizzling, and running around your tiny kitchen to create a glorious masterpiece. You’ve earned that meal. You are a bad ass. Exercising, cooking, and eating – impressive.

Laugh more

Did you know that laughing for 10-15 minutes a day burns 40 calories? And if you’re like me and constantly laugh at your own jokes, just imagine how fit you’ll be in like a week!

Play more

Play with your pets and/or kids. Animals and children are much better than us tired adults at enjoying the little moments of activity. And I don’t mean some half ass laser pointer play with your cat, I’m talking you’re standing and taunting them with their feather stick. And you’re actually playing some legit tug-of-war with your pup.

Use your volunteer time to your advantage

Okay, yeah. You may be thinking “wtf Angel, I barely have time to sleep, you think I’m volunteering too?” Yeah, fair. But because my fiancé’s job gives a bonus based on the amount of volunteer hours he does, we make sure that volunteering happens – plus it makes your soul feel good so you should always try to help others. Anyways!! When you volunteer go for programs that will make it easier for you to be moving. Filing and paperwork are necessary evils sometimes so if that’s what your volunteer position would be, consider finding something a little more engaging. (Unless of course, you’re super passionate about the cause). Walk dogs at the local shelter, work with habitat for humanity, coach low-income soccer teams for kids, do whatever. Give back to your community while giving back to your own body and soul.

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Final Thoughts…

Being healthy is important. You are so lucky to be able to move your body and to have the ability to exercise. And even though days can get crazy and you may not always make it to the gym as much as you’d like you can still find ways to be active. Exercising leads to fewer health issues (duh) but we all tend to slack on taking care of ourselves sometimes. Hopefully by using a few of these tips you can sneak a little more exercise into your daily routine and then you won’t feel guilty about enjoying a tasty bowl of that brownie ice cream waiting for you in your freezer.

I’d love to hear from you all! How do you sneak more exercise into your days?

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