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15 of the Cutest Valentine’s Day Dessert Recipes

Valentine’s day is the best made up holiday ever. Think about it. No matter your current relationship status, you’ve got to admit, there are wonderful things about Valentine’s Day. First, it’s a day all about love. And yeah, we should be showing love to one another more everyday BUT! people love to celebrate so how awesome is it to celebrate love. Second, everything is a pretty color. Reds, whites, golds, and pinks are everywhere. And they’re colors that just fill you up with that warm and cozy feeling of love. Third, dessert. Valentine’s day dessert recipes are by far the cutest things ever.

Do you disagree? Well, I’ve put together this whole post on 15 cute ass valentine’s day dessert recipes to help you agree. 😂 Are there wayyyy more than 15 cute desserts? Hell yeah! But honestly, you’ve got stuff to do and I have no business writing a 50 mile long post of all the pretty V-day desserts. So with great pain and effort I have condensed the 15,000 cute recipes I’ve seen down to 15. You’re welcome.

So let’s dive in so we can start baking with love.

Ps You can also check out my favorite Valentine’s Day Candy recipe that I’ve made right here.

15 Valentine’s Day Dessert Recipes

Heart Meringue Cookies from Crafty Morning
valentines day dessert recipes

Meringue cookies are actually super easy, they’re light and airy, and super tasty. With some sprinkles, a little food dye, and a lot of spirit, Crafty Morning creates some of the cutest and classiest Valentine’s day cookies out there.

Conversation Heart Cake Pops from It’s Always Autumn

Does anyone else have an obsession with conversation hearts? Cause, boy, I sure do. Spreading love with words on candy is just a double win. And these cake pops from It’s Always Autumn are cute, pretty, and oh so nostalgic.

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Cupcakes from Cooking Classy
valentines day dessert recipes

Cooking Classy really delivered with one of the classiest Valentine’s day dessert recipes I’ve ever seen. Seriously, these cupcakes are simple but beyond beautiful. There’s just so many layers of chocolate and strawberry that it makes me drool just looking at the photos.

Heart Cinnamon Rolls from Happy Go Lucky

In my house there is nothing more special than a cinnamon roll. As of the beginning of 2020 I STILL don’t have a cinnamon roll posted because we are the biggest cinnamon roll snobs and I have yet to perfect a recipe as well as Happy Go Lucky has with these festive heart shaped cinnamon rolls.

Love is All Around Roll Cake from Cleo Buttera

Rolled cakes aren’t as challenging as they look but they absolutely look amazing. Cleo Buttera is an amazing baker who has (in my opinion) created the most perfect cake of love I have ever seen. She is my #bakinggoals.

Red Velvet Sugar Cookies from Dessert for Two
valentines day dessert recipes

Just because a recipe is simple doesn’t mean it isn’t 100% AH-MAZING. These sweet and beautiful red velvet cookies come to us from dessert heaven Dessert for Two and they’re freaking fantastic. They’re also pretty quick to make which is great if you tend to procrastinate until last minute like me.

Sweet Heart Cupcakes from Glorious Treats

These just remind me of my childhood which was filled with strawberry milk and Oreos. For real though, Glorious Treats really has gifted us with well… a glorious Valentine’s Day dessert recipe.

Cherry Chocolate Chip Brownies from Deliciously Sprinkled

Can anyone resist a good brownie? No. And I think these cherry Valentine’s Day brownies are the best brownies. Irresistibly delicious and so SO pretty, Deliciously Sprinkled is a brownie artist.

Valentine’s Day Puppy Chow from A Bajillian Recipes

valentine's day dessert recipes

The best snack is Puppy Chow. That’s a fact. But oh my GAWD! When you make that sweet snack Valentine’s Day themed, you get a freaking gem. I love A Bajillian Recipes recipes but this one is just the cutest.

Mini Valentine Gingerbread Houses from Sweetopia

Yeah, technically gingerbread houses are a “Christmas thing” but no one likes technicalities. Plus, these miniature houses are so cute for Valentine’s day, that we just forget about Christmas anyways. Sweetopia has given us the best cookies to enjoy with our next recipe and together they are the definition of perfection.

Valentine’s Pink Hot Cocoa from Family Fresh Meals
valentine's day dessert recipes

I wonder if Sweetopia and Family Fresh Meals conspired together to make the two most wonderful pairing for a Valentine’s day treat? Probably not but this cocoa is beautiful, sweet and so very festive. Get your mini gingerbread houses, your cup of cocoa, and a cozy blanket and you have the most cozy, cuddly evening ready to go.

Red Wine Chocolate Cake from Life Love and Sugar
Valentines day dessert recipes

Some foods are just known for being foods of love. Like chocolate. And red wine. Combine the two and you have the baller cake from Life Love and Sugar (ew did I just say baller?!). Horribly dated slang words aside, this cake is gorgeous and almost guaranteed to either get the romance flowing or to enter the happiest food coma of your life. Both are great.

Heart Pop Tart from Kitchen Counter Chronicle
valentines day dessert recipes

Pop Tarts are the bomb! Their like the most classic nostalgic snack from the 90s I can think of. Kitchen Counter Chronicle just upgraded them even more though by making an easy homemade recipe for you guys and themeing these bad boys with V-day.

Molten Lava Cakes from Sally’s Baking Addiction
Valentine's day lava cake recipe

Sally has once again proved her title in my book as Queen of Baked Goods. Seriously, a rich and decadent lava cake for Valentine’s Day? That’s just too much power for any one dish to possess. But in all seriousness, these lava cakes are divine and 100% worth the love that goes into them.

Conversation Heart Cheesecakes from Hungry Happenings
Yummy Valentine's Day Desserts

Told you I was obsessed with conversation hearts. Here’s another awesome conversation heart recipe this time in cheesecake form. Seriously, so cute. Hungry Happenings really just knows how to make us hungry.

Strawberries and Cream Sandwich Cookies from A Latte Food
valentines day dessert recipes

I love sandwich cookies (have you checked out my German Chocolate cookie sandwiches) so OF COURSE I had to include these amazing strawberry and cream ones from A Latte Food. They’re easy to make, tasty to eat, and fun to share with everyone you love.

Strawberry Truffle Kiss Cookies from Inside Bru Crew Life
valentines day dessert recipes

Blossom cookies are always a classic idea. But these Strawberry Truffle Kiss Cookies from Inside Bru Crew Life take the classic to a whole new tasty level. I’m #obsessed with how tasty and gorgeous these are.

BONUS! Valentine’s Day Chocolate Bark from me, (The Fulfillment Pill)
valentine's day chocolate bark

I told you I love, love, LOVE Valentine’s day so would this post even be complete without one of my own Valentine’s day creations? I made this fun and festive Valentine’s Day candy bark and it is so pretty and so much fun to share if I do say so myself.

Final Notes…

All of these bakers are 2 things. Amazing and truly talented. They create tasty recipes that all look gorgeous too. Plus, they all win awesome bonus points because they spread and share the love with these Valentine’s Day dessert recipes.

Love these Valentine’s Day dessert ideas? Pin them. Tweet them. Share them. Sharing is caring after all and we all should do our parts to make the world a sweeter place.

See you soon, friends!
xoxo Angel

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