As if you really want to see another article on why you should turn your phone off. I get it. There’s so many of them out there. I’m not here to tell you that technology is bad or that phones are bad. No, I’m just here to remind you that there is a whole world out there – and quite honestly, when we use our phones too much we tend to get a little weird. So let’s shake off a bit of that extra weirdness and dive right in. So what are the 7 reasons why you should turn your phone off more often?

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Creative flow

If you are a creative person or someone who works in a creative environment, you may think you need to look through your phone at times for “inspiration”. Uhhhh WRONG! Most of the time when we do this, we end up scrolling through Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr or whatever else in search of ideas. Well, we then we start sliding into that ‘comparing ourselves and our work to others’ mentality and that’s not inspiring at all. And then you begin to realize that your work is now just playing off of someone else’s and that just never feels quite as authentic.

A better option is to turn off your phone, get out and go somewhere truly inspirational. Maybe it’s the city, maybe its the middle of the mountains, or maybe it’s just your local park. The world can be your inspiring oyster especially from the other side of the screen.

turn off your phone

Your social life will improve

Do you hate it when your out with friends and that one bro is just sitting there on his/her phone the whole damn time? Or even worse, are you that bro? Phones have this magical ability to connect us in ways that were never thought possible and yet when we are actually with those we want to connect with, we ignore them.

Whether people say it or not, no one likes going out of their way to hang out just to be ignored for the internet. Seriously, they put on pants and probably brushed their hair to spend time with you in public – if that’s not dedication, idk what is. But in all seriousness, phones kill face to face connection. If you want a better social life, to be approached more, to enjoy your friends’ company (and have them enjoy yours too), just turn off your phone.


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You’ll be a better… (friend, lover, friend, coworker, etc)

When you aren’t distracted by that large rectangle piece of plastic in your hands, you will be forced to be more present in your actual life. But don’t worry, that’s actually a great thing. You’ll be able to forge deeper relationships with those that are already in your life. You’ll be amazed at how oblivious we are when we’re on our phones (you probably wouldn’t be amazed because we’ve all had those moments where we look really dumb because we’re distracted by our phones).

Active listening is crucial for any relationship. Be present with the people your with is important. Showing that you give a damn about them instead of looking bored on your phone will make your people feel so much more loved.

Our phones were made for communicating – so let’s go super old school and talk together when we’re together. If you want to go even more old school, just start grunting. Be like the people before they created language. It still is more appreciated than your plastic rectangle.

Are these people mad at each other? Ignoring each other? Looking for their Uber after a long flight? We’ll never know…

Mental Health

They have finally proved what we all guessed for years! Social media in excess is bad for your mental health. It increases stress, anxiety, and depression. A-duh! There is so much pressure to be perfect, so much FOMO, and so many impossible metrics to compete with. Looking at someone’s highlight reel (aka Instagram), isn’t doing you any favors when your already in a funk.

Be mindful and present to your surroundings and you will probably realize that your phone is unable to capture how truly wonderful your life is and how much better it can still be.

Phones should be a tool, not something that makes you hate yourself. Turning your phone off, even if it’s just a day, allows you to start treating it as a tool again. And then also maybe start showing yourself a bit more love.

Physical Health

Excessive phone use leads to a more sedentary lifestyle. Okay I just made that up, but I think I have a point! I find that the more I sit on my phone, I do just that – sit. ALL. DAY. One moment I just woke up and am planning a successfully productive more, the next it’s 5pm and I’ve done nothing except post something on the Gram and watched dozens of videos on Youtube.

If we committed to using our phone more as a tool (or just turned the phone off for a bit), think of how much more active we would be. I know that when I take a hiatus from my portable devices, I end up going on way more adventures. I find new places, I hike more mountains, and honestly get lost a lot more, too…but it’s all part of living an exciting life for me.

And don’t even get me started on blue light! Too late, I’ve started. Blue light (HEV rays in particular) that come from screens can be bad for your health. Let me clarify, the sun also emits HEV blue light which is actually what makes the sky blue – that and the atmosphere but I digress. Screens *especially at night* mess with your melatonin production at night which screws up how fast you fall asleep, how long you stay asleep, and how deeply you sleep. Your brain is tricked into thinking the sun is still up with the blue light, confusing your sleep hormone production. And as we know, humans without sleep aren’t pretty.

Blue light also is damaging to our eyes. Because our eyes can’t really filter blue light it causes damage to our retinas. Which is why these blue light filtering glasses are becoming more and more popular. You wouldn’t look straight into the sun, would you? I hope not, because then you wouldn’t be able to read this awesome blog and that would be a real bummer. While blue light from your phone screen won’t make you go blind in a minute, doctors are genuinely concerned about the degradation of our eyes from long-term exposure.

Genuinely Recharge

When you’re burnt out from the day and just want to take some time to relax, what is the first thing you reach for? For many of us, it’s our phones. WHY DO WE DO THIS!? If we are already tired, burnt out, or just want to relax, scrolling isn’t actually going to recharge us. There are a million and one self care ideas that help with recharging and I doubt any of them suggest grabbing your phone. (If they do, they’re probably wrong).

Disconnect for a few minutes and genuinely recharge. If you want you can make it almost a bonding experience for you and your phone. You go plug your phone in and let it recharge, and you go unplug and let yourself recharge. Distance makes the heart grow fonder, so turn off your phone for a bit and just breathe. You and your phone can’t always be so co-dependent. I’ve been there, it ain’t cute.

reasons to turn off your phone

It’s an unhealthy relationship

Speaking of codependency problems, think for a hot second as if your phone was a person. And you were in a relationship with said person. If you treated a relationship with a human the same way we do our phones, all our friends would think you have a pretty weird and effed up attachment. You can’t go anywhere without it, you are always staring at it, and you’re always looking for validation from it. That would be considered a pretty toxic relationship and most would agree that you should terminate it immediately.

Bonus Reason to Turn off Your Phone! Increase your Productivity

You wanna get really productive? You want to get all the shit you’ve been procrastinating done in a day? Here’s the best way to do it. Turn off your phone! Our phone is the number one tool for procrastination. You think “oh I’ll just look up one statistic for this work presentation and the next minute you’re knee deep in memes + wondering how corgis got such cute butts.

Final Thoughts…

Okay, I know it isn’t always reasonable to turn off our phones completely. There could be an emergency. A friend could be in dire need of pizza, and obviously you’ll have to go and help her eat some. But I think we can all agree that we are using our phones way too much. And a lot of us feel like our phones sometimes interfere with us truly living a fulfilling life. If you’re unsure of how on earth you start breaking your smartphone problem check out this handy little guide I made: How to Stop Using Your Phone So Much. You’re welcome. A smartphone detox will always do you more good than harm so take a moment, turn your phone off and begin reaping the benefits you sowed.

In the mean time, let me know what you think in the comments below! Have you ever done something dumb while on your phone? Have any other reasons to turn it off? Share your knowledge with us!!

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