If we are being candidly honest, planes are nasty. They’re filled with germs, stale air, weird smells, and sometimes filled with many people who need a shower. They are uncomfortable and often dissatisfying; the amenities are becoming fewer and fewer and the free snacks are pretty much non-existent. We are all searching for ways to travel more comfortably as our wanderlust gets stronger.

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Luckily, I discovered I could make the actual travel part much more bearable with the use of a travel comfort kit. The basis of these kits is to plan ahead for the things that would make it easier traveling and make it suck a little less. It allows you to hit the ground running and be able to utilize your first day there rather than hiding in the hotel room scrubbing your face and/or napping.

Think about how you feel after traveling. Do you feel dirty? Are you thirsty, hungry, or stuffy? What things are annoyingly packed into your checked bag that you desperately want on the plane? So let’s take a peek at what is in my handy dandy comfort kit that makes the traveling part of adventures so much easier.

In the Kit
Hygiene + Comfort
  • Face wipes – to help you stay refreshed and your face free of plane grime
  • Chapstick – chapped lips = minor + slightly painful annoyance
  • Pocket tissues – don’t resort to your sleeve if your nose starts running
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste – again, feeling refreshed right off the plane is a game-changer
  • Travel Hair brush – my hair is wavy and therefore tangles less than curly hair but more than straight hair. Except on plane then it’s just a mess of tangled wire. A travel brush is fantastic at keeping your hair manageable. I can’t stop raving about the Tangle Teezer, it’s gentle, prevents breakage, is great using on wet or dry hair, and is compact. In other words it’s perfect for travel.
  • Hair ties + bobby pins – keep your hair out of your face and from turning into a hamster nest. Plus, hair always seems to get greasy on a plane, and nobody wants that in their face.
  • Glasses cleaner – fingerprint filled glasses really make it hard to see anything, let alone the sights when you get out of the airport. If you don’t wear glasses, your phone screen will appreciate this one.
  • Lotion – dry hands are awful. Bonus points if its that fancy disinfecting lotion. Two birds, one stone.
  • Mints – fresh breath and something to chew on is fantastic is you’re bored or a nervous flyer
  • Deodorant – do I need to say more?
  • Tee-shirt – sometimes I wear a very comfy tee on the plane but realize that this is not one I want to take pictures in or to really be seen in outside of the airport. Having an extra in the kit prevents the need to go to the hotel and change.
  • Cardigan – planes can be weird with temperature. I like having a light cardigan to help with the chills. And if it’s too hot, you can ball it up and use it as a pillow need be.
  • Plenty of fresh music – make a playlist of your new songs or your favorite jams
  • A book + maybe a reading light – a little extra entertainment never hurt anyone. And on over night flights, a book is much better than all that blue light that messes with your sleep patterns.
  • Game Apps (no Wi-Fi required) – entertainment in the palm of your hand, unless it requires Wi-Fi, then you either spend a lot to use Wi-Fi, or are shit out of luck.
  • Extra pair of headphones – have you ever had these break on a long-haul flight? Not cool.
  • Charging pack – portable battery pack is great when you don’t have time/can’t find an outlet during your layover. Or if someone is hogging all the outlets – **seriously Jerry, you don’t need to charge your phone, camera, and computer in a crowded airport. Have some common courtesy.**
  • Inflatable pillow – I love this one. They fit my pocket and is great for those early morning or red eye flights
  • Snacks (especially chips for air sickness) – chips, pretzels, or other carbs are my go to. Pringles are a God send.
  • Water bottle – dehydration makes you cranky. Bring an empty water bottle to the airport. You can take it through security and then fill it on the other side. I like this one because it keeps cold drinks cold, hot drinks hot, and its durable. (Seriously, I accidentally ran it over with my car and it still works perfectly – minus one dent in it).
Takeaways before you fly away

Luckily, with this comfort pack, I come out of the airport feeling…. maybe not my best, but definitely ready to explore. I feel more awake, fresher, and less cranky. And anyone traveling with me knows how great that last part is. Taking 20 minutes before your trip to prepare something like this is so worth it. Obviously, personalize it however you need – your comfort is different than others – but everyone deserves to feel a little more comfortable while exploring what the world has to offer.


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