Summer is here…FINALLY! How often do you find yourself dreaming of having an amazing and memorable summer just to spend it working, sleeping, and wishing you were doing more fun things? That’s like every summer for me. Not this year though. We’re making plans. We are going to adventure, get dirty, make memories, and fall in love with every summer day. How? Well, through the summer bucket list of adventure. Don’t worry about your cash flow, many of these are free. Some are exciting, others are relaxing, some just help us see the adventure in every day life.

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My 2019 Summer Bucket List
  1. Go sky diving
  2. Climb two 14-ers
  3. Go backpacking
  4. Conquer a fear – I’m terrified of water so I plan on going white water rafting.
  5. Build my photography portfolio
  6. Float down the river
  7. Explore a new place to eat
  8. Explore parks, monuments, the weird things in my own back yard. Adventure doesn’t have to be countries or continents away, your state and city have plenty of weird things to do.
  9. See the new Spider-man Movie. I have a obsession with Tom Holland, sue me.
  10. Run a 5k. The Wild Animals Sanctuary in Keensburg, Colorado hosts an awesome run every year that helps save wild animals from neglectful and cruel situations so that they too can live their best lives. *ps, consider donating to them and help save all the lions, and tigers and bears oh my!*
  11. Go peach + berry picking
  12. Go camping
  13. Take a nap in a hammock
  14. Make some campfire cones from Princess Pinky Girl.
  15. Stargaze in the middle of nowhere
  16. Have a picnic in a wildflower field
  17. Go to the farmer’s market
  18. Treasure hunt
  19. Make a flower crown (is this cheesy and super basic of me? Yes. Have I ever done it before? No. Which is why I need to try at least once)
  20. Volunteer my time with a cause I care about
  21. Travel somewhere new
  22. Enjoy a rainy day
  23. Go to the drive-in theater
  24. Spend a day at the zoo
  25. Go kayaking
  26. Get another tattoo
  27. Feed some ducks at the lake (PSA do NOT feed ducks or other birds bread. It’s super bad for them and can make them sick. Take bird seed, plain oats, frozen peas, cut seedless grapes, cooked rice, or chopped lettuce).
Final Thoughts

Of course, this is just my summer adventure bucket list. Yours can be anything you want. There’s no better time than summer to adventure, explore, and take life-changing risks. There’s also no better time than to sit back, relax and let the good vibes roll. Summer is the season of endless possibility, the easiest time to spark your inner child, and to create wonderful memories. Don’t let this summer pass you by again, go create your own adventure!

PS I’d love to know what you guys are planning for your summers! What adventures are on your bucket lists for this year? Let me know in the comments below!

summer adventure bucket list

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