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Setting up for a Productive Week on Sunday: A Guide

15 ways to Set yourself up for a better week on Sunday

Spending time setting up for a productive week on Sunday seems super lame but hear me out. Mondays are hard. Work is hard – hell, life is hard. We have so many responsibilities, commitments, and expectations that the weeks can quickly become overwhelming blur. You say you’re going to be productive this week, but you’re never sure where to begin. Half of us seem to be stumbling into Monday wondering if they are still drunk or just tired from the weekend. That isn’t the best feeling if your trying to grow and build a life that you genuinely love.

Luckily for you, you can conquer your week before it even begins by utilizing your Sunday to your best advantage. Because Sunday is literally the golden day of opportunity and new beginnings; so read on and figure out how to get your shit together.

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setting up for a productive week on Sunday
Make a to-do list

I like to know what I need to get done in the upcoming week. There is nothing worse than realizing Wednesday night that you have an important meeting on Thursday. It’s nice to be able to know in advance what to expect from the week. You can also then plan in the other important things like taking care of yourself, seeing your friends, and enjoying Game of Thrones…because priorities. Having a sort of map made of what your days will look like helps set up a better week in general.

Pamper yourself

Light some candles, do a hair + face mask, take a bath, paint your nails, do something that makes you feel good. Nothing is better than going into Monday feeling confident and pampered. Stumbling into the week like a train wreck, can make the week a lot more stressful than a chill and pampered Sunday.

Minimize the use of electronics

Going into Monday already feeling burnt out is not a great way to set yourself up for a good week. So, yeah, maybe you won’t put your phone away all day on Sunday, I don’t. But try to use it less. And definitely try to avoid work stuff like emails, texts, and calls. It is not awesome to deal with that on any day, and definitely not on Sundays.

Have a great workout

Getting a great workout in at the very beginning of the week just starts it off feeling successful. Hiking early Sunday morning is a great way to get some hardcore exercise in, plus some mood boosting sunlight, and some Instagram worthy photos. Plus, it’s my favorite type of exercise so of course I’m going to hype it up. You want that perky booty, get your ass up a mountain.

As the doctors keep telling us exercise releases endorphins and those are like free happy pills. And obviously going into the week happy automatically makes it more awesome + manageable.

Do your laundry

Don’t spend Monday morning in desperate search of clean underwear. When you get up in the morning try to throw a load in the washer before you go to brunch, you’ll thank yourself later.

Real grown-up pro-tip:
Wash your sheets too!

While on the subject of laundry, consider washing your sheets on Sunday. Everyone knows that clean sheets are a god send and good sleep is essential to a great week. This is one I prioritize because setting up for a productive week on Sunday does not include crumbs from eating in bed *which obviously I never do*, excess body oils *gross*, or pet hair *so much effing pet hair*.

Do something you’re passionate about

All week your passions get put on hold. Everyone has expectations and needs from us it feels and our hobbies get put on pause. Sometimes this pause is for a week and for some it’s a life time. Because your passions are as wonderful and unique as you are, make time for them. Carve out an hour or so (at least) on the weekend. Just you and your passion. Your dead end corporate job probably won’t feel as soul crushing if you are still developing and enjoying the things you actually love. Paint, make music, photograph the park, play soccer at the Y, or my personal fav go eat your heart out at brunch with your friends (or by yourself – I won’t judge).

The point is, you need to continue growing. You deserve to live a happy life. And the little things that bring you joy are super important to creating that fulfilling life. No excuses chica, the only thing keeping you from your joys is you.

Meal prep

At least know what you’re going to be eating this week. It reduces the amount of time during the week where you aimlessly stare into your fridge or the amount you spend on delivery when you realize you have nothing to eat. You could try prepping all 5 days-worth of lunches so you can just grab them and go. You do you, but prioritize meal prep time on the weekend. Unless you’re an alien a productive week requires food, so why not think about setting it up on Sunday

If you don’t have time to make the actual meals/are too lazy to make the meals (I feel that) at least plan out some meals that your going to make. For example, know that it’s going to be a bagel for breakfast most days this week, chicken burritos for lunch on Tuesday, and for dinners you’ll probably do something fancy; like grilled cheese with some $5 rotisserie chicken from Costco. Knowing what you’re planning on eating means you’ll actually have the ingredients and won’t always revert to take-out after work when you’re too tired to make decisions.

Speed clean your house

You probably don’t have a lot of free time during the work week, or at least not a lot of free time that you want to spend cleaning your house. Try setting a 30-minute timer on Sunday and just going through your apartment and cleaning up a bit. In that time, I am able to make my bed, load the dishwasher, pick up and put away the random things that spread across my house, wipe down counters, sweep my floor, vacuum (or at least I turn on my awesome robot vacuum, Trudy, and she picks up all the dog hair on the floor), and spray down my bathroom. It may not be flawless or HGTV ready, but it’ll do. The benefit you get from this vastly outweighs that dreaded 30-minutes cleaning.

A tidy home is a happy home and a messy home is often a reflection of a messy, overwhelmed mind. Which is not very conducive for any kind of good week. Setting up for a productive week on Sunday takes away from the pressures of having everything feeling put together during your work week.

ps if your house always feels unimaginably messy check out this post here on how to keep your house tidier. Or consider buying your own Trudy from the link above – seriously my robot girl can clean.

Call or see a friend

As an adult it seems impossible to get enough time to see our friends and/or family. Schedules are often conflicting as your all just starting out your lives. Carving out some time on the weekend for coffee or even just a phone call helps you feel more connected to your relationships which can only add benefits to the upcoming week.

**Even if a phone call means that you make plans that you know will probably never actually happen, they say it’s the thought that counts.**

spend some time alone or with friends
Have some alone time

I think everyone can benefit from alone time. Yes, even extroverts. If you never have time alone, how do you truly know what you think and value. And if you hate being alone, you should do it even more. GROWTH. REQUIRES. DISCOMFORT. Being alone lets you get to know yourself more and since you’ll spend an inordinate amount of time with yourself in your lifetime, you may want to get to know you.

If you’re an introvert, alone time makes communicating and work more tolerable for sure. And the more alone time you prioritize, the less burnt out you’ll feel. It’s a win, win.

Go to bed early

I love going into the week well-rested and not sleep deprived. It makes me a pleasant person to be around. Or at least it makes me slightly less cranky. Cranky Angel is just a giant dick.

Recouping from the crazy Saturday night game of Scrabble requires a few extra zzz’s and honestly, Mondays are much better well-rested.

Check your bank account

Go into the week knowing how much you have (or don’t have) to spend. This will make it easier than discovering in the middle of a spontaneous lunch with friends on Thursday that your broke, poor, and now going to be hungry because your card was declined at Chipotle.

And on the plus side of this, you can plan ahead a bit. Going back to the meal planning stuff, if you know you’re going to have a long day on Thursday you can set aside some cash for some comfort Chinese food. And on Thursday you’ll be all like “wow, Angel was so right, this planning stuff on Sunday is great”. You’re welcome.

Set Intentions for your week

Some people like to call this goal setting for the week, others use affirmations or things to focus on. In general, you can choose any intention that you want, or even a couple. Typically, I choose both broad spectrum ideas and specific things to accomplish for my weeks. For example this week my intentions have been:

  1. Have an organized + productive week
  2. Finish + Publish the 5 article drafts that are waiting for you

Seeing as how this is article 2 that I’m finishing, I’m not doing too bad. Setting intentions help give your week direction. It helps you prioritize what matters and what is actually important. When you have set intentions those false priorities don’t get in the way as much.

Setting up for the Week on Sunday Takeaway

As I’ve said, Mondays are hard. But they don’t have to suck. Get a fresh start at the beginning of the week really is life-changing. Sundays are great for preparation, catching up from life and for creating a great baseline for a super-charged productive week. These of course are just ideas that I enjoy but I’m also a Type A 20-something granny. The quiet life suits me and I like my chaotic world a little more organized.

Because I love learning and hearing new ideas, I’d love to hear what you guys do on Sundays to set yourselves up for a productive week!

Setting up for a Productive Week on Sunday: A Guide
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