Self-care is all about taking time for yourself to recharge and give the world the best of you not just what is left of you. You don’t have to spend money or a bunch of time on these things either. Recharging self-care ideas are meant to help recharge more than just your physical well-being. They are made to help your soul, body, and mind.

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You may be surprised how simple a lot of these ideas are. That’s okay. It’s kind of the point. We humans are remarkably good at over complicating everything which is just a recipe for disaster and burn out.


Most of us don’t get enough sleep. And without enough sleep, things happen. Bad things. Your focus decreases, your mood worsens, your anxiety levels increase. The easiest and most effective thing you can do when feeling a bit burned out, is to allow your brain to take a break and cool down. In other words, take a nap, you’ll feel better. Getting extra sleep is one of the easiest recharging self-care ideas out there.

Go for a walk

A little fresh air and sunlight can do wonders for our general well being and health. You could go do a good, hard session at the gym but no one wants to do that when your already exhausted. Just going for a 30 minute walk can improve your mental and physical health AND it’ll improve your sleep quality too. So then you can take your nap right after. Being outside improves your well being and helps you connect with nature. Studies have shown that the more time you spend in nature, the lower the depression + anxiety rates and increased rates of satisfaction with their lives.

Take a bath

Of all the self-care ideas on this list, this idea is literally recharging. Water is very cleansing – both in a literal sense and a spiritual sense. Since water is a great conductor of energy, it is said that it can help you release negativity. On top of that warm water helps soothe soreness and tightness making it easier to physically relax too. Plus, if you add some delicious smelling bubble bath you’re going to feel great because you’re going to smell great.

If you want to get extra fancy, play some spa music on Pandora light some candles and enjoy a glass of wine *or a bowl of ice cream*. Make it luxurious, you deserve it.

Take a day to Turtle

“Turtling” is a term coined by yours truly. When turtles get overwhelmed by too much stimuli they just go into their house and hide out for a while. I’m sure many of us feel that on a very deep level.

My turtle days are where I go into my shell and just let things be. As an empath and an introvert, your girl gets tired dealing with people all the time! So, I plan my turtle days whenever I’m feeling drained. I’m prepared with my favorite snacks + grab a blanket to burrito up in. I take away the expectations of what I “should” be doing and just let me be.

“Just let me turtle”

I may nap. Or maybe I’ll catch up on some shows. If I’m feeling it I’ll get some work done. Maybe I’ll paint or bake or do another random hobby that I enjoy. Sometimes I end up being productive, sometimes I don’t. It’s cool. I like to think of it as I am simply recharging and that’s productive enough.

Do something that makes you happy

Life is made up of the little moments and the things you spend your time on. By choosing to do a hobby that you enjoy, you are creating moments of joy. Remember, this is the time you take for you so this is very personal. What makes your soul feel alive? What makes it feel on fire with excitement and love? Whatever that is, do more of it.

Stretch it out

Holding tension in our bodies makes us suffer. It causes soreness, pain, and can eventually cause long-term effects on how our body functions. Yoga + general stretching not only relieves a lot of that tension, it also relieves a good deal of emotional tension too.

“Yoga is not about tightening your ass. It is about getting your head out of it.”

Eric Paskel
Get out and socialize a bit

This one is the opposite of Turtling. Sometimes we’ve been isolated for too long and need to be around other people. This is a primal need. We are essentially monkeys with a monkey social structure and NEED to be around other people.

So call up a friend or go out to lunch with them. Go for a walk in a populated park or go to happy hour with your coworkers. If you don’t really want to talk to anyone, go to a coffee shop and do some “work” (aka people watch).

We need to socialize outside of just work too. If all you do is see your coworkers during your shifts and then go home to your cat, that’s not enough.

Indulge in your guilty pleasure

Eat those brownies, watch that bad TV show. Your guilty pleasures are nothing to be ashamed of, especially when you’re using it for recharging self-care.

Take some time to Beautify

Do a face mask or a hair mask. Paint your nails. Get dressed in your favorite outfit. Take time to make yourself feel at your best and most beautiful.

Shake up your routine

If the monotony of your routine is starting to get to you, shake it up! Take a different way to work, try a new place to eat, try a new activity, whatever! A little extra spice in your life is never a bad thing.

Do a self check in

How are you feeling right now? What does your body need? Food, water, a nap? Are you happy with your life right now? If not, what can you change?

These questions are essential self-care questions to help you recharge. Check in on how you’re doing and you’ll learn to recognize triggers that you can prevent before you burn out.

Organize something + Clean your room

Sometimes when life feels like it’s spinning, putting things in order can be an enormous relief. Your physical space is a reflection of your mental space. Which is often why we feel so much better after cleaning up a mess. You basically just told your brain to put itself back together and get in order.

Me telling my mind and room to fix itself
Cry it out

This is not the one of the most fun recharging self-care ideas, but it is definitely effective. Sometimes all you need is to let it all out. When this happens, just let the tears roll and the relief follow. Emotions are a good thing, just not when they’re bottled up. And sometimes the best thing possible for you to recharge is to let it all go.

Make a gratitude list

What are all the big things and little things that you are so lucky to have in your life? There’s always something. Seeing how much you already have and have accomplished really keeps things in perspective when you don’t feel good enough.

Use a journal like this one to help jump start this self-care habit and to keep track of all the wonderful things in your life.

Compliment yourself in the mirror

Tell yourself you’ve been doing a good job. Acknowledge the great things you’ve done. Compliment your personality, your looks, your life. Compliment every aspect of you. Even though this is super awkward at first, you’re stuck with you forever – you may as well be your own cheerleader.


Reading is a great way to escape for a little while. It also helps keep your mind sharp and engaged. Learning new things keeps you growing, growth is the best self-care you can do because it is the something that your future self will thank you for too!

Take some time to adventure

Once a year, go someplace you’ve never been before

Dalai Lama

Adventure feeds the soul. It doesn’t have to be far it can simply be a new coffee shop or trying out a new work out class. This goes hand in hand with learning – but instead of reading about it, you learn through experiences.


Laughter really is the best medicine. Find the things that make you giggle and enjoy all the positive effects that laughter can have to help you recharge.

Final thoughts…

So there you have it. Using these recharging self-care ideas doesn’t have to be hard, expensive or all that time consuming. However, the benefits are amazing. You are able to truly give the world your best and live a better, fuller, and happier life by making time to recharge.

You are an amazing person who has a purpose in this life. Take care of yourself, let yourself flourish, and let yourself recharge.

Recharging self-care ideas

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