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Setting up for a Productive Week on Sunday: A Guide

15 ways to Set yourself up for a better week on Sunday Spending time setting up for a productive week on Sunday seems super lame but hear me out. Mondays are hard. Work is hard – hell, life is hard. We have so many responsibilities, commitments, and expectations that the weeks can quickly become overwhelming …

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Fulfillment, Productivity + Time Management

Staying Productive: 17 Ways to always be Productive

“In a culture that values being busy, I’d rather be productive” a quote from me complaining about being told I should be doing more. I value being productive. Getting stuff done that is actually important and brings worth, to me, my life, or the world? That’s valuable shit. I don’t like just being “busy”. Being …

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Travel comfortably with a travel kit

If we are being candidly honest, planes are nasty. They’re filled with germs, stale air, weird smells, and sometimes filled with many people who need a shower. They are uncomfortable and often dissatisfying; the amenities are becoming fewer and fewer and the free snacks are pretty much non-existent. We are all searching for ways to …

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How to Increase Natural Hair Growth

Do you want Ariana Grande’s hair that’s long, flowing and seemingly always perfect in it’s sky high ponytail? Well, you probably can’t have it. For one thing she’s a multimillionaire and has a professional stylist to help her out with it and also, it’s often fake. She’s got bad ass extensions for days. She’s the …