Keeping your your apartment clean has a bazillion benefits. Surprise guests? No problem. Maintenance guys coming in? No worries. Got a date you want to bring home? All you have to do is worry about your outfit, not cleaning. Want a relaxing space to come home to? Done. All of these reasons probably sound great but the real question is how? How on earth do you keep your apartment clean all the time? Well, I’ll tell you how!

If you’re wondering what would make me an expert on this, let me tell you, my apartment should NOT be clean. I have 7 animals. 2 dogs that shed like it’s their job, 4 long-haired cats, and 1 rabbit who also sheds to no end. My apartment is 529 sqft and I share it with my fiance and the zoo. Is my house always spotless? No. Did I tell you about all the hair? Yeah, it’s not going to be spotless longer than a minute. But is it clean? Yes. It is ready for all those unexpected visits and situations as stated above.

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So in a small space, the question “how to keep your apartment clean” may feel impossible to answer. But the first step is really quite straightforward. If you want a cleaner space, own less stuff. You don’t have to clean as much stuff if you don’t own as much. This I feel like is the key to maintaining a tidy home. Clutter is very visually unappealing, and nothing is more annoying that constantly feeling like you can’t move freely around your home. Clutter looks bad and feels bad.

Also by keeping away the clutter things feel more spacious. More light is able to spread across spaces, there’s less to trip over, and fewer things to clean around. By getting rid of that useless paper clutter on your kitchen counters and donating the excess stuff you don’t need, your apartment is almost guaranteed to be be much tidier.

Make sure everything has a home

Do you ever clean your place and it looks gorgeous and then seemingly two seconds later you turn around and apparently a tornado went through your living room? Yeah… me neither… obviously. I’ve found that that always happens when things don’t have a proper place. So, you may throw a bunch in a cabinet because you just want it to be tidy but since it doesn’t live there, you end up with another hot mess. Giving your things a designated home makes cleaning faster, simpler, and longer lasting.

But make sure the homes for things make sense. If you use a certain mug every day, why would you make its home in the top cabinet you can barely reach? If it’s the middle of winter your bikini doesn’t need to be in the same spot as your mittens, unless of course you’re lucky enough to live somewhere where winter is toasty and tropical.

how to keep your apartment clean
Keep your cleaning supplies simple

This kind of goes back to the clutter thing. The more cleaning supplies you have, the more disorganized and overwhelmed you’re likely to be. Keep your supplies simple and keep the cleaning cabinet simple. Personally, all I have is white vinegar, baking soda, occasionally Lysol wipes, castile soap, and bleach. It’s all I need and it’s easy to find because I stick it in one easy cleaning bucket under my bathroom sink. By simplifying your supplies, you take away the unnecessary thinking, you just grab your stuff and go. Have you ever found that the more you have to think about a task (no matter how simple), the more daunting it feels? And if cleaning feels less miserable, it will be easier to do, thus your house will be tidier too.

Clean as you go

Guaranteed if you don’t do this one, you’ll never keep a permanently tidy home. It takes some practice but quickly becomes second nature. When you finish getting ready in the morning, put your toiletries away. And when you change into your pajamas for the evening, put your clothes you wore that day away or in the hamper. After finishing dinner, put your dishes in the dishwasher.

Pro tip! If you don’t have a dishwasher, fill the sink with hot soapy water before you sit down to eat, by the time you’re done with dinner, your pots and pans are going to be ready to be rinsed. It’ll cut down the time do the dishes by half.

Cleaning as you go prevents you from having to spend your whole weekend cleaning your apartment from the mess you made throughout the week. Then you might actually have time to relax, enjoy your coffee, and maybe actually make it to brunch on time.

Make it part of your daily routine

Block out a small fraction of time every day to clean up your space. Even if it’s just 5 minutes take the time to pick things up, sort some laundry, wipe down a counter or two. Keep up with your tidying so you don’t have to spend your whole Saturday cleaning everything. I personally use a 20 minute timer every night which gives me enough time to clean up to maintain the build up of mess from all of my fluffy animals.

Go au Naturale

I don’t mean go naked – unless you’re into that, then by all means continue. I mean let some nature in. Sunshine + plants do wonders for a space. Letting in natural light automatically makes a space feel more open, airy, and clean. So first thing every morning, open your blinds and let the sunshine in. Plants clean some of the air in your home making it healthier to breathe and helps keep the smells down. They also act as natural humidifiers for a home so in those cold, dry winter months, your nose with thank you.

Perhaps invest in time saving cleaning products

Normally, I wouldn’t suggest buying more stuff to keep your place clean but I have to break my own rule for this. Certain things like my robo vacuum, Trudy, has saved my bacon so many times. With the zoo, vacuuming twice a day is necessary. That can’t always happen on hectic days – but with Trudy it can! And extra win…..Trudy also mops my hardwood floors. I also have a Shark Steam mop that cleans the floors with steam – that’s it. My dog has allergies to most cleaners (weird right? She’s also allergic to human dander so she’s allergic to us too) so that wasn’t an option for our house. But with the steam mop the floors get super fresh, there’s no bucket to drag around, and when I’m done I just throw the mop head into the wash and it’s ready for next time.

Final thoughts…

So there you are. No more googling, “How to keep your apartment clean” or “how to hire a maid” because now you can keep your place clean easily and all by yourself. All it requires is a little determination, some routine, and maybe a couple good tools + tricks here and there. As I said before, the benefits of a clean home are endless, and we all want to come home to a clean, relaxing space rather than a dumpster fire of chaos. What do you think? Do you think I’m crazy to think that this will work? Do you have any other tips to keeping your apartment clean? Sound off in the comments below!

how to keep your apartment clean
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