Do you want Ariana Grande’s hair that’s long, flowing and seemingly always perfect in it’s sky high ponytail? Well, you probably can’t have it. For one thing she’s a multimillionaire and has a professional stylist to help her out with it and also, it’s often fake. She’s got bad ass extensions for days. She’s the hair goddess that we cannot compete with. But does that mean that gorgeous long hair is out of your reach? Nahhh, you just have to do it the peasant’s way. Luckily though, natural hair growth isn’t all that difficult with a little patience and a few lifestyle changes.

natural hair growth

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Remember, It Doesn’t happen overnight

Hair cannot physically grow inches in a week. If your hair does that after you use a product of hair mask, it is more likely to be due to your hair strands smoothing out after the extra moisture and appearing to be longer (but also healthier!!). But luckily there are ways to make your hair grow faster so that you can finally grow some long, beautiful hair naturally.

Live a healthy lifestyle

When your body is struggling from nutrient deficiency, dehydration, strong fatigue, or lack of motion, it is very good at making sure it delegates the remaining things to the most important areas. Frankly, your hair is pretty low on the totem pole of importance. Things like your respiratory, digestive, nervous, and circulatory systems will take priority over your hair. Which makes sense, because breathing and brain function is more important than long luscious hair for survival. So, for your body to keep diverting nutrients to your hair follicle make sure you do more of these things.

  • Drink water
  • Eat a balanced diet
  • Exercise
  • Take a biotin supplement
  • Sleep more (like a full 8 hours a night).
  • Change your hair care routine
  • Change some of your products
Start at the Base

The base of your hair growth would be your scalp.The health of your scalp will determine the health of your hair; the strength of it, the shine, how much of it falls out and how often. Of course all of these factors contribute heavily to natural hair growth. Without focusing on your scalp, you might as well kiss that dream of growing long, beautiful hair goodbye. But! On the plus side, maintaining your scalp is relatively easy. So besides living a healthy lifestyle try doing the following things.

  • Massage your head a couple times a day. Besides from feeling amazing, it helps increase blood flow to the area, resulting in increased growth stimulation.
  • Or you can hang your head upside down for a couple minutes a day to achieve the same effect.
  • OR! you can do both – hang upside down and massage your scalp at the same time. Two birds, one stone. BOOM!
  • Keep it clean. Clogged follicles result in hair loss. Keep your scalp clean or excess oil, dirt, and sweat. Obviously, you need to wash it, but also keep it hydrated. Dandruff is a follicles nightmare.
  • Try to keep your stress levels down. Nothing will stunt your hair growth faster than stress because again, compared to your other systems your hair is not important to your over all survival. And stress takes a huge toll on your whole body. If you stress, your scalp will stress too.
Change your Hair Care Routines

Routine matters when it comes to hair growth. But in our daily routines we tend to put a lot of stress on our hair. By making changes to your daily hair care routine you’ll also be able to stimulate some extra growth and improve the health and look of your locks.

  • Treat your hair like gold fibers – delicate and precious. I have noticed that many women want long, gorgeous hair but we treat it as a second thought. We act like our hair is invincible and like it isn’t worth bothering with. Honestly when you’re in a rush, who has the time to deal with it? However, your hair is delicate and long hair takes work. It isn’t steel, so don’t treat it as such. Treat it like gold fibers that are soft and worth maintaining. And then consider doing the following.
  • Do weekly hair masks (homemade or store bought, whatever tickles your fancy). My absolute favorite is Lee Stafford’s hair growth mask. It makes my hair super soft, healthy, and I have noticed an increase in growth rate.
  • Step away from heat. Air dry as much as possible. And seriously, avoid the flat and curling irons! There’s so many ways to do heatless curls; Youtube that shit.
  • On that note too, stay away from bleaching and dying your hair too often.
  • And on that note, loosely braid your hair when you sleep. That too, will minimize the damage while you sleep.
  • Brush from the bottom up. Brush your ends out first, then move upward to reduce breakage and split ends.
  • Don’t wash your hair daily and avoid sulfate shampoos. These are super harsh on your hair and strip its protective cuticle and its natural oils. Its not good for hair growth.
Product Changes for Natural Hair Growth
  • I personally have found that my hair is by far the healthiest when I use all natural shampoo bars like this one. I discovered shampoo bars when looking to decrease my plastic waste and now my hair revolts against me any time I try to switch back to store bought shampoos. *plus, shampoo bars are the best for travel!!*
  • Try a boar bristle brush. They’re gentle and help disperse the natural oils from your scalp down to your ends.
  • Change your pillow case and consider getting a silk or satin case instead. It prevents less damage and breakage. Plus, your hair will be less tangled in the morning.
  • Avoid tight ponytails, buns, and super tight braids. Why don’t you just rip out your hair by the roots? Its pretty much the same thing and when your hair is being yanked out, it doesn’t have much chance to grow! If you’re anything like me and need to have the option to tie up your hair at every moment, I have discovered the holy grail of hair ties designed to prevent breakage! Check them out right here!
  • Also, have you ever tried all natural Moroccan Argan oil in your hair? If not, you are seriously missing out. It helps your hair shine, smooths the cuticle, keeps fly aways to a minimum, and helps keep your ends hydrated. Not only that, it is great for skin and nails. It is my every day holy grail beauty product. Plus it’s cheap!
Natural Hair Growth Takeaways

So, there you are. Fool proof steps to help your hair grow longer and stronger than ever before. Of course, the results vary based on genetics and lifestyle. And even more depressingly, it’ll take time. But then again, all good things in life take time. Long hair will always be trendy and will always be gorgeous. Be consistent, be persistent, and be your already gorgeous self. The great hair will come with time.

how to increase natural hair growth

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