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Healthy Morning Habits to do before 8AM

Healthy things to do before 8AM

Mornings can be tough. Well honestly life is tough so let’s be real – that’s not a surprising statement. But mornings are the best time too. They are there for you to set up your day for something better than you could have ever expected. Sadly though, our mornings have become rushed, frantic, and a little haphazard. Our physical and mental health all starts with our mornings but with how crazy our lives have become; those two things take a backseat. Luckily you can take your mornings back. These healthy morning habits take less than 10 minutes and can transform your day and health for the better.

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Drink some water

Your body just went 8 hours without water, drink some. Dehydration makes you more tired, increases irritability, slows your metabolism, and messes with your digestion. Really, so many issues can be resolved by having an eight-ounce glass of water when you first wake up. It’s such an effortless way to start your day off on the right foot.

Fun fact: eight ounces of water right when you wake up can be more effective at waking you up than your first cup of coffee (not necessarily better than your second cup tbh).


I guess you could also go for a run or to the gym. But personally, that sounds like hell for me at 7 in the morning. If you’re like me and hate morning exercise, stretching is a great way to go. You should try to get moving in the morning, stretching has so many benefits. It improves digestion, increases blood circulation, improves your posture, reduces risk of injury and pain, lowers stress levels, and increases energy levels. Not to mention when you’re feeling all bendy, you hold less tension – physically and mentally – so you can go into your day cool, calm, and collected. With all those benefits, stretching is (in my not so humble opinion) the BEST movement to do first thing in the morning, partly because it’s some of the easiest.

Enjoy some green tea

Green tea is wonderful. It has some caffeine, so it is a great thing for those early mornings. But it goes beyond just the boost of energy for your system. It does wonders for your skin and hair because it is full of nutrients and antioxidants. I am a proponent of drinking tea all the time but doing it as soon as you get up makes it one of the best healthy morning habits. Of course it helps with wayyyy more than just those things too, but that would make this article way too long. If you want to know more about the benefits of green tea, check out my article here!


Taking a couple of deep breaths and being mindful in the morning can set your morning off on the right note. I find that a stressful, frantic morning can make your whole day feel more stressful and anxiety-ridden. Taking that 5 minutes to meditate can prepare you for those days that you know that’ll be stressful and make average days even better.

healthy morning habits
Get some D (Vitamin D, you pervert)

Vitamin D increases your energy levels and improves your mental health a lot. This doesn’t mean you have to go sunbathing, that’s not practical all the time. Simply opening your curtains and possibly opening a window for some fresh air can do the trick.

This results in improved mood, more energy, and a feeling of freshness that artificial light just can’t compete with.

Make your bed

I am a huge advocate for making your bed every morning. I will admit, I don’t always succeed at this, but I notice a difference in my day if I don’t do it. Making your bed is a great way to feel accomplished as soon as your day starts. Starting your day off with a small success feels great. Also, I find that coming home after a long or hard day to a fresh, put together bed is the world’s greatest treasure.

Gratitude Journal

Sociologists suggest that the easiest way to lead a happy life is through gratitude. I have found that writing 3-5 bullet points of gratitude in the morning and/or right before bed makes me realize that life isn’t so bad. This begins my day with some joy in my heart and a bit of a smile on my face. It can be anything from the nice weather to how much I love my best friend, to how excited I am to enjoy a cup of tea. The little things matter.

If you’re looking for a good journal specific for gratitude, may I introduce you to the one that got me started? Check this useful bad boy out.

Eat some breakfast

Yes, we all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It has so many health benefits, blah, blah, blah. But that’s not the only reason breakfast is one this list of healthy morning habits. I use breakfast time as a self-care routine. Utilizing it as such allows you to squeeze in time for you before everyone else’s demands start rolling in. You deserve this time. You deserve this delicious food. This is the time where you slow down, enjoy a meal, enjoy doing something so simple for yourself. Also, breakfast food is the most delicious meal of the day – besides dessert of course.

I like to check my Pinterest, or watching an episode of New Girl, or even enjoy the sun on the patio. For just a moment, it’s just you. It is precious time. Try it, you’ll know what I mean.

Take Away…

Mornings are my favorite time of day. In a society that never seems to slow down, the morning seems to demand that we do so. Everything is quieter, crisper, and simpler. Morning is a time to create the vibe of your day. If you’re trying desperately to reclaim some peace and balance to your life, mornings are yours to conquer. And by trying these easy healthy morning habits, you can create a delightful day for yourself. Your health doesn’t maintain itself without taking care of it. Take some time when you first get up to improve your health and remove some stress from your already stressful life.

healthy morning habits to do before 8am

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