Hey guys! I’m Angel the creator, writer, and face behind the curtain of The Fulfillment Pill + Greyscale Greetings. I’m based out of Denver, CO with big aspirations to move to a small, picturesque Canadian ski town to open my own small bakery in the future.

The Witch Dungeon Museum,
Salem, Massachusetts

The Fulfillment Pill is my tiny corner of the internet where I hope to help other 20-something women create happy, balanced lives through mindfulness, simplifying, and achieving their dreams.

Here you’ll find tips on building a balanced relationship with yourself and the world around you which is easily tailored to fit your own life. We at TFP try to cover mindfulness over many aspects of life; like travel, lifestyle, eating, and personal growth. We are committed to enjoying the beautiful small things in life and to helping other beautiful women like you succeed.

What you can find here

On this site you I hope you find a community of strong and independent women who understand the importance of actually enjoying life. We don’t like naysayers and the negative Nancy’s here. We are dedicated in building authentic lives free of judgement and full of fun, love and a good deal of bad-assery.

I believe that TFP is designed to be a community for all women we should get to know one another. SO!

Who am I?

  • I am the owner of a zoo. Four cats, two dogs, a rabbit, and a fiance keep me busy and my house a little bit messy.
  • I am a minimalist. Less really is more for me.
  • Obviously, I’m also a baker because who can resist the sweet, sweet temptings of cake? And my favorite thing to eat in winter is ice cream.
  • I am a weird ass kid. As noted in the photo I chose to represent me on this page.
  • I am an introvert + an empath with a weakness for feel-good movies and sunny afternoon naps.

Friendship is built on the random tidbits of facts + joy and grows through the strengths of experiences, love, and food.

Let’s Work together

If you wish to collaborate with TFP, feel free to contact me and let’s get the good times rolling!

Email: angel@thefulfillmentpill.com

And now because we’re building a friendship here, let’s definitely become friends in the most authentic way possible….social media! **hem sarcasm, hem**.


The Gram

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